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Thursday 18 October 2012


The more perceptive of you may have noticed that last night on Twitter I announced that I am taking part in the Extra Life event.
It's been a weird one. First I said I wasn't taking part cos I was away, then I said I wasn't away but I would only be available to help others through the night, now I'm saying I'm taking part.
It seemed a little stupid for me to do all the work but not reap the benefits (helping people IS a benefit aparently, I looked it up in the moral people's hand book, who knew, right?). I figured I'd join my friends team and take part.
So you all guessed what I'm gonna say, it's pretty freaking obvious, right? Ok, I'm gonna just get it out of the way;
I'm currently in last place on the list of my team... Please PLEASE give me your money. I swear it's going to a good cause!

If you have ny money to spare, even if it's just a dollar, please go to and save some kids lives.

If any of you need proof that I'm actually gamine I'm gonna have the most boring Ustream in the world running live from 2pm saturday until I get paranoid that people are watching and turn it off.

 - James
p.s. I'm gonna be busy prepping tomorrow, so I wont be blogging, but there's been 2 blogs today now, so no harm no foul, amiright?

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