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Tuesday 9 October 2012

Nanowrimo part 2: My Nanowrimo 2012

So, I've been doing some planning work for the upcoming Nanowrimo-fest, more importantly for the book, I still haven't settled on a name yet, but for now the working title is 'The galledar' as the spaceship that the book takes place on is called 'The Galledar' after the nation that the people it houses originally came from.

The main character is going to be Samantha Brendshall, or Sam for short. and again, I'm not certain of her name yet. Originally it was a guy named William Hunter, and then it was a girl named Xelaria Brendshall. I know that the character is going to be a girl, but I'm not sure of the name. I would call her Alex, but I use that name far too often - and I wouldn't want my little not-brother to get too full of himself if he found out, or too offended when he realised that all the Alex’s are girls - so for now it's Samantha Brendshall.

Samantha Brendshall is a Ghost. A member of the elite detective force that works to assure the safety of The Countries. Sam was trained and promoted to the Ghosts after proving herself during the level 1331 riots when she was twenty two. A decorated veteran at twenty-six, Sam has her fair share of allies and enemies within the force and the people at large.
That's all I got on her so far.

The Countries:
The countries are huge space stations created by the world international science institute to carrying the population of the world away from their dying planet. There are ten countries named after the countries of the world. The Galledar, The Vagara, The Kanissa, The Origall, The Deminall and the Kinosia.
The stations went in separate directions to find a new home, but keep in constant contact. Each one started out as a Geniocratic Democracy, but over a hundred years it diminished to a democracy where the popular win, not those who are right for it.

The Free Air Rebellion
A group of citizens who believe that the government is purposely keeping them from settling on a planet, regardless of the idea that perhaps the country is failing.

I've got some ideas for technology, i.e. weapons and stuff, but nothing specific.
Otherwise the story is wide open. Should be fun, amiright?

- James

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