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Tuesday 23 October 2012

24 hours of life

So extra-life was this previous weekend. I earned 103% of my goal in the 60 hours between deciding to do the event and the event completing.
Overall $1.91million has been raised so far this year, though donations are still pouring in.
If you feel the charitable spirit you can still donate here.

During the event I played XCOM for an hour, Borderlands 2 for 9 hours, Sleeping Dogs for 2 hours, Audiosurf for an hour, a second session of Borderlands 2 for 10 hours 30 minutes, and a second session of Audiosurf for 30 minutes.

One thing I did while I was going through it was take a photo every hour, and here they are:


Fun Crazy Times.
I'll keep y'all updated with the final result.

- James

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