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Thursday 4 October 2012

Ten of Fifty-Two

Graphic Novel
Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin is the story of a wandering samurai in the early Meiji era of Japan who wishes nothing more than to stop people from being harmed. Armed with a reverse bladed sword he wanders across Japan, both trying to keep out of the way and saving peoples lives.
At sixteen Kenshin became the strongest assassin of the  Bakumatsu war, known as Hitokiri Battōsai - Hitokiri is a title that was given to 4 real world samurai who supported the Meiji Emperor, they were considered unbeatable by normal men. Battōsai was an alternate spelling for Battojutsu which is the art of sword drawing, implying Kenshins expertise with the blade - in order to help opose the shogunate and establish the Meiji Emperor.
Since then Kenshin has been trying to make amends for the lives he took.
The story begins 11 years later with Kenshin returning to Tokyo, meeting Kamiya Kaoru and settling down to try and start a new life. Of course it's not long before his old life comes back to haunt him. Assassins, former enemies, former allies, new enemies and new friends come calling, forcing Kenshin through an incredible twenty-eight-manga-long journey.

I loved Rurouni Kenshin when I read it, it was one of my first experiences with Manga back when I was in university and I have more money than sense (which isn't impressive cos I didn't have money either). It was the first series I completed and I've re-read it at least ten times.
I think what I love abotu Kenshin is that it's not all about fighting and killing, at it's core Kenshin is a love story. Sure it has the violence and the redemption of Kenshins past, but it's not the focus. There's enough of the fighting aspects that the love story doesn't overwhelm it and turn it into a cheesey story (like a lot of manga love stories) but equally the battle aspects don't overpower the Love.

If you havent read Kenshin I suggest that you do. Don't watch the anime; it's awful, and I've come to understand that there's a film, but I haven't seen it.
If you have to watch it illegally then do, it's awesome, but if you can afford to buy the series it is well worth it.

Video tube of the you variety. - most depressingly bleak cut scene ever
- James

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