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About James

James is a thirty-something year old writer and computer games designer. James is a Fantasy writer setting his books in a variety of eras and settings, from the medieval England style world of The Longest Cycle and the Victorian era Romanic world of The Dark Prince right up to The modern day new york-esque setting that the 'A Tale of the Hunter' books are set.

James was born in midlands England but spent most of his life living in South East London. He went to university - to study Computer Games Design - in Leeds Metropolitan University and has since spent varying lengths of time living throughout the UK for work in the games industry. Twelve months in Scotland, four months in Manchester, two months in Cambridge and has been living back in london for seven years.

James has been writing since he was sixteen and published his first completed novel - Lumen Academy; The Sword of Light - in 2005, though it has since been removed from stores. In the years since James has improved his writing style exponentially, culminating in his epic trilogy, The Longest Cycle, the story of a stable hand who became a legend.

However James' mind cannot sit still for long, while editing the Longest Cycle he began two new projects set in a new universe, but three hundred years apart. The Dark Prince set in a Victorian style era with swords and political fantasy intrigue and the first in a series of detective novels named A Tale of the Hunter set in a more modern day world with guns and criminals.

Despite James' constant writing he only currently has one story available to buy, Exile, the science fiction military short story on Amazon Kindle about a military admiral exiled right when the empire need him most.

Beyond James' work as a writer he enjoys reading, watching TV and film, playing computer games and a menagerie of other less technological pursuits like archery, hiking and making himself sound more physically active than he actually is.

So that's James, he's happy to answer questions, talk about his work or even give other prospective writers help with their own work, whether you need someone to give your writing a quick read for glaring mistakes or you want advice on the flow or something bigger James is happy to help, he's just that nice... promise. 

Project Backlog:
The Longest Cycle Fantasy Trilogy (Sample)

The Dark Prince (Sample 1, Sample 2)

One The Hunt, The Jim Hunter Casefiles (Sample)