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Wednesday 21 October 2020


 So the last few weeks I've been streaming on twitch, nothing special. I just figured that I spend a lot of time at my pc drawing out my D&D city maps, and there might be people out there who find that interesting. I stream for about 30-45 minutes at a time whenever I'm in the mood to stream with some low-fi music playing in the background.

I figure that I will do other things. Stream when I play games sometimes, I don't know, maybe stream my writing process next month? The way I'm looking at this isn't "I'm going to become a big time streamer", I have a job that I love, I don't need to switch to streaming. I just figured that some of the things I do are things that people don't often get to see and it doesn't hurt me to turn on a stream while I do it, so why not?

Going into it with no expectations, and even fewer ideas of what I want to do with it, I think I feel relatively safe to go ahead without feeling bad at any point.

Anyway, not much to say this week, and I'm aware it's been a little while since i posted, and you all know very well that it's because I suck.

If you are interested in watching me draw out D&D maps feel free to head on over to



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