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Friday 29 May 2015

Designer James; An update

Last we looked in on James, he was technically still a QA Lead. He was doing a lot of design work, but he still had the job title of QA Lead, and some of the responsibilities that entailed. Now, however he has made the leap. No longer a member of the QA department, James is a Junior Designer for Future Games of London, working on both Hungry Shark Evolution and an undisclosed project that will turn the tide for the once- something, something, something. I'm bored of that way of writing.
But yeah, I'm a designer and it's really exciting.
And I keep forgetting, which is both nice and sucky. I guess because I've been working on design for 5 months now anyway, transferring over didn't really feel any different.

At the same time I've started a new proect - yes, yes, yes, yes, I know, I should finish a damn project, but this is different, it won't interfere with anything I'm currently working on.
So the new project I'm working on with Elizabeth. My American friend. You know, the one I go to visit. Or did. But since I already have my flight out there for this year I think it's safe to say I'm going again, so 'I go to visit' plural isn't technically wrong.
We're working on a writing project together, a buddy cop story set in a world pretty much exactly like ours, with one difference; During the first world war magic was revealed to the world to be real. Since then new branches of the government have been formed to deal with the situation, one such branch is the OAID, or Occult Affairs; Investigative Department for long.
The story is about a veteran agent and a new agent, a former third grade teacher in the middle of a magical crisis as the old god known to most as 'Death' has had his power stripped and syphoned into 8 ritualists, who the agents have to find and stop while simultaneously working through issues of their own.
Admittedly it's a pretty generic thing. A pretty simple idea for the most part but this is the first real multi-person project either of us have done and this is something I know, so it makes sense to do.

In other news I'm part way through a 20 unit level 4 course. I'm studying Criminal Psychology and at the end I should get a HND level qualification. I decided to do this because i found it really interesting and because in almost all of my writing I have a villainous character and, while they might not always be criminals, I thought that this course might give me more insight in to the characters, make them more realistic.

Anyway, that's me as of late. Things have been going well and I'm doing surprisingly great.
Still submitting once a month, still getting a rejection letter at least once a month. Live and learn.
Final thing; at some point in the near future I may take Stuff and Things down. I will try to find a way to make sure that they are still accessible, but I can't afford to keep paying for the service.


Friday 15 May 2015

Lootcrate April 2015 "Fantasy"

Once again I'm late posting about Lootcrate, but it did arrive, this month it was Fantasy themed.

I liked a few things in this one, but it wasn't the best so far. I liked themagnets and the t-shirt, plus the usb stick and I'll always give praise to anything that has Princess bride, but for the most part there's nothing here that made me squee.
Everything individually was good, but nothing was great.

Next month's is 'Unite' and I'm hoping for great things for that. Avengers appear to be a major theme.