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Thursday 18 October 2012

Nothing to add.

Ok, so I have nothing to say today, like, nothing. But I do have a video to put up so I'm gonna waffle on for a few paragraphs about the Presidential election and then just link you to YouTube. Ok? Ok.

So Obama's first debate looked like Obama had given up, it looked like Obama was on the ropes and was about to just give Romney the presidency. Romney spent an hour and a half lying and the President spent an hour and a half unable to come up with a comeback.

Tuesday the second debate was held and let me tell you; Obama did slightly less bad!
Ok, so thats an understatement, he kicked up his game a lot and actually sounded like he knew some of what he was talking about, but in the media all I've heard was that he beat Romney, destroyed him, but he just didn't. It was fairly even.

They didn't really tackle many important questions, but it's a presidential debate, that's not what it's for. its a place where the two men can stand there and be as inoffensive as possible. Of course the Right and Left Medias are going to say that their opposition did badly just to make their guy look better and they're going to be spontaneously offended by things that have no offensive quality.
I think the best example of that is the right saying that they couldn't stand Obama's smile because it made him look condescending and immature. I think the point they were really making was that Romney spent most of the debate looking like he was caught in headlights, but that’s not really the point.

I think that the biggest issue for the Romney campaign right now is that they aren't saying how they're going to do all the things they promised, while the Obama campaign is suffering because of Obama's inability to call Romney on simple inaccuracies.
It's quite frustrating to watch.

Learn this video.
- James

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