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Monday 15 October 2012


With Nanowrimo only a few weeks away (16 days) I started wondering about how other people prepare for it. Do people put as much work into it as I do? Do they put more?

I would imagine that some people just wing it, I would imagine that some people plan out every detail, and I know that the publishing world buys a shit-ton of Alchol to cope with the influx of poorly written books made by people who figure 'writing words is good enough'.

But what do you do? Are you doing anything? Are you even doing Nanowrimo?

Oh... right... this isn't a conversation.

Well I guess I'll just tell you what I do!

For me I do the same thing that I do with every book I write. I start with an idea. Usually that idea is a world, an era, or a power set but occasionally it's a story. This time it's an era. Of course that's likely because I already have a world and a power set.
I thought about all of the things I've written in the past and I've never writen future - sure, I've writen Star War fan-fiction, but that Sooooo doesn't count.
When I realised I'd never writen my own sci-fi I realised that Nano-wrimo was the perfect place to do it. Nanowrimo is all about seeing if you can. Can you write a full novel, can you write 50k, can you write?
Can I write a Future story?

After I decided on Sci-fi I wondered what the story would be about, where it would take place, then I remembered Galledar. I have two stories in Galledar, one set in the past, one set in the present, it seems only logical that I now write about Galledar's future!
So I'm writing About Galledar.

Next comes the setting, the characters, the general story.
Usually, when I start writing a new concept I don't like to plan out exactly what happens in the whole story, I like to know there it's going, where it starts and a rough aproximation of how I'm getting there, but I prefer to let it flow for a little while to see if I like the concept.
With Nanowrimo, however, I don't have that luxury. It's got to work. So I get to work on chapter descriptions.

Now that I have a description of everything htat happens for the first 30 chapters of the story I'll probably write out a little bit about each character's personality. Better to decide on that now than realise halfway through that she's scitzo!

Anywho, thats how I prepare. That and get fired from any job I have.

How do you prepare? Comment me up B****es!

Video-watch the whole playlist. It cracked me up.
- James

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