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Wednesday 3 October 2012

Bordered on painful

Borderlands 2. What is their to say? I mean, other than It's awesome, of course.

Seriously, I've played 32 hours of it and I'm still secretly grinning when one of the games that me and Rix play during the week doesn't work for some reason. Hell I'm occasionally tempted to forget to pre-patch TOR and TSW so we have to go play Borderlands.

Ok, I know you can't say things like that without clarifying them, the gameplay is pretty much the same as Borderlands 1 after all. There are some differences, you don't need to level up the weapons you're using, the characters all have different special abilities - though I feel like the new character, Zero, just has Lilith's powers from Borderlands 1 - otherwise it's the same gameplay.

The thing that makes this game, like all other games that I review, are the characters. they are just hilarious. Listening to Handsome jack psychotically promicing out deaths and insulting me thgouhtout the game is awesome. He's just such an ass hole, you can't help but laugh.
Even CL4P-TP (Clap Trap) is awesome in this one. in the first game I hated him, but now he's just hilarious, one mission in particular comes to mind where he makes a joke and then keeps trying to explain it at every check point, getting more and more frustrated as he thinks that we don't get it.

Of course one other reason for the awesomeness could be that I played through this one with a friend while the previous one I incompleted solo, but still the characters are amazing, the gameplay is just as good as it ever was and my shiny new turret (Axton's special ability) just makes me happy. I'm starting to get why he calls it his wife.

I can't wait to complete the game, but looking at my level I'm less than half way through. I'm 32 hours in and I still have 28 out of 50 levels left to achieve. What I don't like about a lot of games these days is that they're so short, 6 hours here, 8 hours there, it's almost as if they make it short so that we don't notice the games not very good. If it's a good game it can hold up against the pressure of people playing it for 30+ hours.

Anyway, I'm loving it.

I wish I had the courage to go to a convention dressed as deadpool
- James

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