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Thursday 25 October 2012

Twelve of Fifty-Two


Batman Arkham Series

The very best super hero game series of all time.
Batman Arkham Assylum and Arkham City perfectly blends stealth gameplay with action. Blends kicking ass with detective work. It even appeases the lore fanboys while making it easy for the new player to know what's going on.
Sure some of the more intimate stuff like 'Batman slept with Ra's al ghul's daughter' and 'who is Mr. zsasz' will go over the head of someone who has never read batman but it won't ruin the game and they'll still have a hugely enjoyable experience. They just wont enjoy it as much as the super nerds.

Unlike the new movies they got all of the characters right. Alfred is a kensington sounding butler, not a cockney secret agent. Batman sounds intelligent and scary at the same time, not like he's gargling with nuts and bolts. Zsasz is a freaking crazy serial killer, not a mobster. Bane is a mexican wrestly with a drugs addiction not sean connery with a mask and muscles. Robin's Dick Greyson or Tim Drake, not random police guy no. 5 named Robin.

The gameplay is fun, interesting and, while easy to understand and intuitive it's also exciting. Easy to learn hard to master is the phrase I believe.
The game has stealth missions where the player has to go around and take out all of the enemies withotu being seen. It has fight missions where you get to kick a lot of ass (1 vs lots and lots including some enemies that were boss battles a couple hours ago). It even has some detective missions and riddles that you have to figure out in order to go forward with the game.

It's a remarkable feat of gaming that everyone, comic fan or not, should play. The story is awesome, though I did kind of guess the end halfway though. when I said it I was joking but the more I played the more likely it seemed. Still awesome.

And that's not even to mention the arena style battles you can do out of the main story.

Go. Play it. Now.

Twilight rifftrax makes me lol

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