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Wednesday 17 October 2012

Extra Life

A few weeks ago I explained to y'all about Extra life, the childrens charity. I explained that while I would love to play games for 24 hours straight I just don't have the time, so instead I implored you to give to my friend.
Well now all my plans have fallen through so I'll be helping out.
I'm not personally raising charity, its a little late for that what with it being this weekend, but I will be helping those who need it to stay awake.
I'll be online playing from 2pm GMT Saturday the 20th until 2pm GMT Sunday the 20th.
If anyone out there needs my help to stay awake, or just wants to play with me I'll be chilling on steam (dante6083), so give me a shout if you need aid. I wont stop playing with others to play with you, but I might be free when you need me.
Hopefully we'll be able to do some real good by playing computer games and all those people out there will know where to stick their anti-gaming rhetoric!

Or people will say that we were just looking for another excuse to game and they still don't like us. Either way we'll have helped some kids and played some games. Both worthy goals.

- James

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