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Monday 20 August 2012


So when I finished my work I figured that I'd have more time to post, I figured I'd be able to post every day without any stress, but I find myself lacking in things to actually talk about. Sure I've still got the of 52 section, but otherwise it's pretty hard to find things to talk about without, you know, going places and doing things.
And when I go places and do things I dont post cos I was out and couldn't!

It's all very difficult.

Today I thought I'd share with you the above grumblings and a recently finished map of the fantasy Kingdom of Galledar's capital city, once known as the 'Central Counties' later re-named Xelaren, however I'm not an artist and have yet to had one drawn, so instead I'll , um...

See, I've been doing a lot of writing for my fantasy detective novel and neglecting my editing. I'm enjoying Hunter, which I suppose is the important thing while I'm not hearing anything from the publishers and my unofficial editor is still going through my first book.
Still, I feel bad, like I'm supposed to be doing something and not doing it. Yes, the editing is the second book and not technically that important until I get a publishing deal, but I would still like to get it properly done- especially when you consider that my editing is less 'editing' and more 'writing it'.

As I've gone through the second book I've found a lot of half finished sections, a lot of sactions that were finished but needed more (I re-wrote a 20 page battle into 70 pages) and still more sections that just didn't seem to make sense the way it ended up.
I already know of at least 5 chapters that will need re-writing, another couple that will need major edits and another 2 that I just haven't ever written. At the time it felt like I'd be better off if I just carried on rather than dwelling on it, but now I wonder if that wasn't a bad decision. The editing shouldn't be quite so daunting as it feels.

Regardless I've just reached a section of TLC that was not in the first draft, I added the chapter to make it flow better (originally there was one chapter and It sort of montaged through training for a month making him stronger and more capable, but i felt it didn't work. Now I've broken up the chapter, lengthened it and added chapters between the sections that show characters elsewhere in the world. It would have helped if I hadn't brought all but 1 of the P.O.V. characters into the same place.) I'm not sure what to put in this chapter, I just know that if I want the book to flow well it needs to be there.

I'm fine, it's fine, we'll be fine. I'm gonna take a break from TLC until I get back from Norway and then try to finish editing before November because we all know what happens then.
We do all know what happens then right?
N... National Novel Writing Month...

You'll see.
- James

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