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Thursday 23 August 2012

Galledar Elementals

Since I've put up stories about the nation of Galledar twice now I thought some people might be interested in descriptions of the power sets involved in the world.

In the world of Galledar elementals can manipulate their elements with magic, i.e. a fire elementals can move fire, water elementals more water, etc... However to do this they have to absorbed some of their element in order to fuel it. They can release what they've already absorbed, but it quickly depletes their powers.

The Element
First up is the Element. He or she controls all elements, they can fuel all of the elements with any of the others, but they also have a responsibility to the world to make sure that things remain balanced, i.e. if they continually use air to create water, they have to reverse the process at some point or else starvethe planet of oxygen.

The Primary Powers
Strong agaisnt Electric
Weak against Air
The Earth element is unlike any of the other elements, they can't move large quantities of earth around with their mind and their power within them, but what they can do is distribute the minerals, the enzymes, the hormones all on a microscopic level within their own body, making them faster, stronger, give them better eyesight, let them think quicker...
An augmenter is powered by natural minerals and- in many modern day cases -mineral suplements.

Strong against Earth
Weak against Fire
A breezer can absorb and control the wind. in the old days, during the industrial revolution and earlier they could do this to startling effect, creating vortexes of terror, forming vast hurricanes. They were capable of doing such awesome feats because their power cource was readily available to them at all times. a Breezer didn't need to carry stores of power, they jsut needed to breath... but in the more modern era those strong powers have fallen into memory. Air manipulation can do little more than allow a breezer to eaves drop or send messages over long distance. Some have learned to use their power to part the air resistance of a bullet or an arrow, but little more.
Breezers are only effected by wind streams as much as the clothes they wear are. Wind blows around them, but clothes can still cause a drag.
There are few ways to detain a breezer, short of knocking them unconscious or killing them.

Strong against Air
Weak against Water
A burner is a person who has the ability to absorb and manipulate fire. this isn't just limited to throwing balls of fire adn plumes of flame at their enemies, they can also cause things to heat up without flames.
Burners are immune to fire, unable to be damaged by it or by heat. While they do not freeze of feel the cold as easily as a normal person their powers act like a real fire in the cold, shrinking rapidly.

Strong against Water
Weak against Earth
Jolters can absorb and manipulate electricity, in the pre-industrial era and up until the introduction of household electrics this was in the form of lightning, however in modern era all a Jolter need do is plug themselves into a sockt, in fact the industry created around supplying elementals with comfortable and efficient ways to get power has an arm chair with metal pads for absorbtion.
Jolters cannot be electrocuted, and Augmenters are generally immune to them.

Strong against Fire
Weak against Electric
Soakers control and absorb water. They are capable of controlling the moisture in another person, but the power is strictly forbidden and the laws maintained by the Vagar Blood Packs, groups of highly skilled Air/Earth elemental cat people who act as assassins against any who would use such abilities.
Soakers cannot drown, but they die quickly when electrocuted.

The Hybrid Powers 
Water air
Has all the pros and cons of a breezer and a Soaker but can also create Ice.
Controller/High Jolter
Water Electric
Has all the pros and cons of a Jolter and a Soaker but can combine the ebility to control electricity with the ability to control the inside of a person to be able to control their minds, not just the moisture of their bodies.

Steamer/High Soaker
Water Fire
Has all the pros and cons of a burner and a Soaker but can also create steam and scolding water.

Water Augmenter 
Has all the pros and cons of an Augmenter and a Soaker but can combine the soakers ability to toch peoples insides with the ability to manipulate the flow and direction of the internal minerals to advance healing on other people.

Air Electric
Has all the pros and cons of a breezer and a jolter but can also create Lightning storms.

High Burner
Air Fire
Has all the pros and cons of a breezer and a burner but can also create Super heated air, some can create lightning-esque plasma, raw and uncontrollable.

Vagar/High Breezer
Air Augmenter
Named after the Vagar race who almost all are born with this set of powers, the High Breezers have all the pros and cons of a breezer and an augmenter, though no aditional powers.

Fire Electric
Has all the pros and cons of a burner and Jolter, but no aditional powers.

Fire Augmenter
Has all the pros and cons of a Burner and Augmenter but can also create Magma out of the earth.

Psychic/High Augmenter
Augmenter Electric
Has all the pros and cons of an augmenter and a Jolter but can also manipulate the nerves adn brain to function at super human speeds, sometimes even opening up the whole 100% of the brain allowing for foresight and telekinesis.

Hope that was interesting and insightful, lol.

Cool-Fire-Vs-Fire-then-Fire-Vs-Water-Elemental-Battle-From-The-End-Of-Avatar-The-Last-Air-Bender... Video
- James

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