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Tuesday 21 August 2012

Four of fifty-two

*** Spoilers***

Graphic Novel
The Walking Dead

Zombies, zombies everywhere...
Seriously; Everywhere. The reason I like the graphic novel of walking dead is because I feel that it's a fairly accurate representation of what would happen if zombies actually happened. It's a better representation of most of the things I've seen anyway, including the TV show.
28 days later was pretty good, I think that is a close second (and it's based in london, so awesome, yeah?) but I just really liked the characters in the Walking Dead GN.
They made sense, and so did the zombies.

The TV show was good for the first season as they did their best to survive the harsh, unforgiving world, but the second season was just boring. they were relatively safe, they were on a farm that saw few zombies looking for the little girl that went missing...
Don't get me wrong, the thing I love about The Walking Dead is that it isn't about the zombies. it's about the people, about how they cope and keep themselves going through the apocalypse, but when you hit three episodes without a single zombie you start to wonder if you're watching the right show.
I only got to mid season of the second season, but from what I understand the rest wasn't particularly good.
Oh and the way they kill off Shane was Bull Shit compared to the comics. I mean seriously; a zombie bites him?
In the Graphic Novel he was abotu to kill Rick because he wanted to be with Lori, but then Carl shoots him through the neck. It's really emotional, the taking of the boys innocence to save his father. His realisation that killing another person wasn't like killing a zombie... it was just really sad.

In the comics Rick isn't the paragon of goodness and comprimise that he seems to be in the show. he goes through a variety of different changes, from careful and compassionate to hard and aggressive - even going as far as killing someone who he suspects will be a danger to the group - all in the name of protecting the people he loves.

The graphic novels (and the game, now that I think abotu it) make me think. they make me wonder what would happen if I was in the same situation in a way that the tv show and most other things I've seen just don't.

- James

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