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Thursday 9 August 2012

Olympic depression

With the olympics coming to a close this weekend I noticed something. The ages of some of the contestants. I've seen people aged nineteen, eighteen, even sixteen and I can't help but think 'How depressing is that?' This is the highlight of their lives. There isn't a competition bigger than the olympics and they got to it before they even hit twenty.

Yes, it's very impressive. I am incredibly impressed - which, considering I don't like sports, is quite an achievement - but it makes me sad. The rest of their lives will never live up to these moments of their lives. They will never do anything quite as amazing. They've lived their dream... now what do they look forward to? Now what do they dream about? What do the push themselves for?

The Olympics is an amazing event where people watch person after person living their dream. Living the greatest moments of their lives, knowing that as soon as they're done they will fall back into obscurity - for the most part.

I'm twenty-five and I'm yet to fulfil my dreams, but that's ok; I'm young, I still have a significant portion of my life ahead of me - and if i manage to fulfil my dream within the year, for me it's not just a one time thing; it's what I'll be doing for the rest of my life.
Something like athletics or gymnastics just seems, to me, not to have so much longevity. Once you've fulfilled your potential that's it, it's over. you don't see many 50 year old gymnasts - hell I'm not sure I've seen any in their thirties.

They say that one of the biggest killers of old people is retirement. They don't have anything pushing them, nothing making them get up every day. I guess all we can really hope is that when these athletes retire from their events and no longer have their Olympic dream pushing them they will be able to find a new dream.

I hope so. They've done so well to come as far as they have, it would be a shame for all that energy, beleif and effort vanished so soon.

- James

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