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Wednesday 8 August 2012

Two of Fifty-two


Mordin Solus.

Ah, Mordin Solus. The unexpected highlight of the Mass Effect franchise. Don't get me wrong; there are wholey awesome other stuffs that happen in the game, but I find Mordin fascinating. He's Smart, funny, compassionate, callous, brilliant, unique, hard and soft all at the same time.
From the revelation that he sang Gilbert and Sullivan in multi-species productions to his work on the genofage project - both reintroducing it to the Krogan population when their bodies started to cure themselves and then later curing it himself - he is a constant avatar of the people who do what they must in order to protect the people of the galaxy.

Mordin is a former special ops agent slash scientist slash doctor. The first time you hear about him - In Mass Effect 2 - you are told that he is on the asteroid station 'Omega', running a clinic, attempting to combat a plague ravaging the non-human enhabitants of one of the residential districts.
The first time you see him he's talking at lightning speed, verbalising his thought process as he figures everything out about you in under a minute just from - what, in the mass effect world, constitutes as - an idle glance.

He joins your team and regails you throughout the game with a series of witty and intelligent remarks, alongside some quite perplexingly brilliant moments, like when you talk to him about your on-ship romance and he gives you inter-species sex advice.

Not only does he have a brilliant character, he looks amazing. he's scarred, haggarred and he's lost one of his... antenae? But still he smiles, he looks compassionate unless there's call for hardness, in which case he looks like an assassin. He  dresses like a field medic, but shoots like a spectre.

He is simply brilliant, so much so that I can't put it into words. from the first time you meet him and he casually dismisses you (your Sheppard dammit, nobody dismisses you!) right up to the point where he gives his life to make sure that the entire population of Krogan are freed from the fertility imparing genofage.

I wish I'd used him more in game. I always wanted to have Tali in my group which meant I needed a biotic which ruled him out, perhaps on my next run through - I'm going to be doing a full run through so that I have fresh eyes for my ME3 review - I'll use him and Jack in the second game.

So here's to Mordin Solus, he is the very model of a Scientist Salarian.
- James

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