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Wednesday 15 August 2012

To The EAST!

So it appears that I am going on holiday, for the first time in about ten years I'm leaving the country!
The title makes it sound like i'm going to the far east, but I'm only making a short jump east to Norway.
Going with my friend, his wife and family so I ought to have plenty of depressing loneyly feelings going on. That or i'll have fun; how odd would that be, aye?

So yeah, I'm going to be away from the 27th to the... 3rd? So i wont be here to chat.

Lets see... what do I need...
Clothes, sun stuff, money- oh, money, its not euros is it?

No wonder I don't go on holiday it's quite tedius getting ready, and I only have a week and a few days? Craptastic.

Sadly no random insights or writings today, tomorow will be three of fifty-two, but for now that's it.
Chat to you later!

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