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Friday 24 August 2012

1 month

It's M.O.'s one month aniversary!
What's taht? you think I should have the day off? no I couldn't... what? you want me to stop writing so really it'd be a day off for you? Oh stop.
But seriously, I am going to take the day off today mostly cos I'm lazy, but I will say this;

Having recently decided to just go through my blu rays and install all the digital copies I discovered something; Warner Brothers Blu Ray Digital copies have an expiration date! WTF? I no longer get to use the digital copy I bought cos I was waiting forsome reason?
Seems to lack faritude.


But yeah, anyway, back to reading now. I'm halfway done with the first of the books I set aside for my holiday in norway! I should finish it before I leave so I dont have to carry it. What do you mean I missed the point?


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