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Saturday 25 August 2012


Ok, gotta apologise; I'm probably not goign to get another blog post off before I get back from Norway. I got far too much to do in order to be ready and I can't see myself having time to blog AND ply my 3-5 day free trial of The Secret World (Which I'm really enjoying btw, Weird right?) I joined the templars cos they're in england, but I think the Iluminati probably have the most interesting characters.

So this is me signing off until wednesday the 5th.
Hope you enjoy yourselves while you're away, I'm going to try and find time to write up next weeks 'of 52' and set it to post but I can't promise anything.

On the plus side while I'm in Norway I expect to do a fair share of writing, currently it's the private detective novel, if I succeed in finishing it (doubtful, I'm only half way through) I'll post up a link to download the PDF for 1 month as a special thanks for reading me.
If I Don't finish it while in Norway then I'll post it up when I do finish for 3 months.

Senere, se deg i en uke og en bit.
- James

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