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Monday 28 October 2013

Nanowrimo prep

So last year I wrote that story about the secret agent on the Gallidar space station, I only got about half way through it and never finished it. It was okay, but nothing spectacular. I think the problem was that I was trying all new stuff and didnt really have any idea where I was going or what I was doing. I was just coming up with ideas as I went and throwing them all in.
This time I'm not just jumping in the deep end with nothing but a computer and the internet. This time I'm going in with a plan.
So I started by putting together a spreadsheet time line with everything that happens to every relevant character between the beginning of the story and the end, but that was way too complex for the first part. I didn't even know what the main points - like the villain being at war with his father - were let alone the unimportant points - like Amelia getting bullied at school by teachers - so how was I goign to write out a full, comprehensive spreadsheet of what happens? I wasn't.
Next I moved onto writing out a simplified time line, just detailign the most relevant events, but again I stumbled when I realised I didn't really know what the story is about. All I have is 'master thief tries to steal work of art, but is beaten to it, and fingered as the suspect, she helps Hunter catch the real culprets.' its a great premise, but thats it.

Now i will try and come up with a little more.

How are you guys all doing on your nanowrimo prep? are you goign for a traditional Nano story or doing somethign a little diffrent? I know that Liz is taking the month to do some artwork instead of drawing, so what about you? what are you doing?
Comment me up, we'd love to hear about you!

- James

P.S. remember to donate for childrens hospitals, this years extra life I will be tackling the dangerous world of GTA Online!

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