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Wednesday 9 October 2013

Whats wrong with that? Sexism.

Like most of you I was brought up watching Disney movies, and I loved them. I still do. Lion King, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, all amazing films, but with one common thread that isn't quite politically correct.
With the possibly exception of Lion King every one of these movies tell you that a woman needs a man to save her and the most important thing in life is to get married.

This isn't news, I know. Most people that are cynical enough to really think about it have realised that Cinderella needs a man to save her from serving her step mother and sisters, Snow white needed a man to come and kiss her to rescue her from the queens poison, Sleeping beauty required a prince to come along and wake her with a kiss, Little Mermaid needed a man to save her from giant Ursula. Even in the lion king the lionesses couldn't take back pride rock without Simba.

They were great films and still are, but I wonder if they didn't perpetuate the cycle of sexism that led to most women getting paid less than men, or women being less trusted in a business environment. Women don't deserve to earn as much because they need men more than the other way around. Women aren't as useful because they need a man to help them.

Perhaps if we'd had more films about a woman saving the day we'd have a more equal society. Perhaps if we had more of that today, and not just super women wearing very little or very tight clothes? (I'm looking at you resident evil movies)
Who knows?

Maybe just once we could make a game where the main character was female and looked realistic and maybe lets make her english... like the new tomb raider, that was pretty baddass. Go play that.

- James

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