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Wednesday 16 October 2013

Not so secret

I always find it odd when I meet another person of my age that's into the same things that I'm embarrassed to be into.
Whether its anime, or magic the gathering, or comic books, or in this case, pokemon games, it always throws me when someone asks if I like it and they aren't looking to make fun of me.
In the case of pokemon games, a new one came out on Saturday and I though it might be fun to talk about it, then Liz said we'd do a podcast about it and I couldn't do a blog post so instead I thought I'd talk about how silly it is to be insecure about liking things that you like (except my little pony, you bronies need to stop... now... okay, even the bronies can have their horses)

For years I've quietly enjoyed the things that I like but am embarrassed to like. Collected models, played games, watched movies, silently afraid that someone might find out that I have sci-fi statues or play pokemon games or watch anime films and movies.
But why do I do this? Because in our society it's frowned upon? No, people might find it odd but it's not frowned upon. Because people find it odd? maybe, but why should I care? the sorts of people who find it odd, and that it being odd matters to are not the same people that I would interact with.
But I think that's it, me, and people like me are self conscious about that sort of thing, about being considered weird.
But here's the truth: we are weird, and that's great. I'd rather be weird than identical to everyone else, so why should I care what other people think? Why should you?
Since getting this game, since starting to play it I've bumped into a surprising number of people who don't necessarily fit the games target audience, who play it anyway. They don't care, so why should I?

I guess my point is that you shouldn't hide who you are. You shouldn't pretend to be something you're not for the sake of others because if they care that little about you that something like pokemon is going to stop the friendship then it wasn't a great friendship to begin with.
Love what you love, do what you do, have fun where you can have fun. Life is too short to pretend not to love the things you love so that a few people will dislike you a little bit less.

- James

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