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Monday 21 October 2013

That time of year

So it's that time of year again where events converge upon one another. Nanowrimo and Extra Life exploding onto the scenes at the beginning of November.

As anyone who's been reading this blog for a significant period of time can attest Nanowrimo is the month long writing experiment 'national novel writing month' where people attempt to write a 50k word story in a month. Last year I got to 75k, and this year i'm aiming for 100k. Last year I wrote a science fiction fantasy spy novel set in the far future of my Hunter books. this year I'm going to be a little more conservative and try and write the sequel to book one of Hunter.
This will start on the first of November and end on the thirtieth, meaning that if I want to get to 100k I have to write at least 3334 words a day or 23334 words a week, its a feat that will stretch me, especially while simultaneously working and living my life, but I hope to achieve it.
I would be very interested in comments from anyone else trying to do the nanowrimo challenge.

Extra life (again as some of you may know from reading last year, or other places) is a yearly twenty-four hour gaming event to raise money for childrens hospitals. Last year was my first encounter with Extra Life, I played Borderlands 2, Audiosurf and sleeping dogs. This year I hope to play Grand Theft Auto Online for the entire length, to see just how far I can get in a single play through.
Anyone wanting to join me is welcome to do so, just comment below.
Anyone wanting to do their part and donate, click here: Donate!

- James

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