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Monday 11 November 2013


So Extra Life went well. I raised $122 just for playing computer games for 24 hours. I did GTA for 21 of the hours but then I gave up, it was just too buggy for a 24 hours session. I couldn't get into any of the game sessions, no death matches, no races, nothing.
I'm sure it'd be awesome if I could actually do it, but I was stuck with just the open world, which makes it massively difficult to earn money.
The second part of the event I played Payday 2, an awesome criminal game where players try to steal from banks and shops. It's actually really fun, especially when you play with friends and people you know.

Which leads me nicely onto something I mentioned on Twitter a week ago.
I know that there aren't many people reading my work, but I figured on the off chance that there IS anyone, and they're artistic;
I am now running a fan art competition. All you need to do is draw/paint/build something based on something from either one of my books or my short stories or just something you're read here.
E-mail a picture of your artwork with your name (or twitter handle/deviantart handle) and e-mail address to a for a chance to win a copy of Payday 2!
Random prize I know, but it's cool!
And that segways nicely into Nanowrimo. This year I'm not doing great. I keep getting distracted and falling behind. I'm writing a follow up to my detective novel, On the Hunt. It's going well though. the story is working so far.
The first book really just showed how awesome hunter is and what he was all about, now I'm focussing more on the case and his flaws. Should be good :)

So looking forward to this- tube
- James

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