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Thursday 26 July 2012

Purple for Publish

Five copies of Fifty Shades on my route to work. Still porn, still public transport, just saying. Though the fact that they're advertising the book series on the train platforms probably doesn't help my cause. I can't imagine any of these people are reading my blog, but just in case; having an advert on a train station platform doesn't mean that the national rail service thinks it's ok for you to read erotica on the train, it means that they were given money so that a publishing company can try to sell you porn. I noticed that the adverts don't say anything about the book, just that reading it will mean you're reading it.

Don't worry this isn't going to become 'how many copies of Fifty Shades did I see on the way to work today', nor will it be 'how much does Fifty Shades annoy me today’, I'll get over it very soon... unless they make a movie, but I seriously can't see how someone would make a Fifty Shades movie that isn't the literal definition of porn.

Nothing particularly country spanning to talk about today- I could mention Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson, 'cos I mean, like, O.M.G. but I'd rather shoot myself in the foot -but I do have personal news- this is the point where the majority of you will be closing the window, but before you do remember to skip to the end, check the YouTube video and see if I have any P.S.s.
As you know I'm a practically unpublished author in the process of editing the second part of my duology- The Longest Cycle -and I just wanted to talk a little about how it's going.
For the most part I'm doing well, doing a little bit of editing every night after work -this week writing blog posts has somewhat hindered my productivity, but I think I'm getting into a nice groove now. I've edited the first 46 chapters of the duology and I have twenty two to go- plus an epilogue, a prologue and a couple of intermission sequences. The majority of those 46 are the first book, which is completely finished. I've edited it, I 've re-read it, I've had other people edit it and I've come to the conclusion that I can't put off sending it off any longer, if I do I’m just putting it off because I’m scared of failure.
I've written a cover/query letter and tonight I'm going to be working on writing six different synopsis (the Literary agencies I've looked at ask for either a 500 word synopsis, a one page synopsis or a two page synopsis, and since it's a duology I need to write a synopsis for the first book and a synopsis for the series) and I hope to start sending it out before the end of the month- 5 Days! Aghhhhhh!
That said I don't expect anything to come of it in the near future. I've been through the process of trying to publish a book before- admittedly it was an awful piece fiction that was basically stolen from harry potter. So bad it makes twilight look... well, like twilight, it's still better than that garbage, but it was bad for me -so I know that it's a long and arduous process of rejection.
With my impending depression in mind I have a pledge to make; If I manage to legitimately publish this book within one year of my first query letter going out I will dye my hair dark purple.
By 'legitimately publish' I mean; get an agent, have the agent get a publisher, earn money for the book. I cannot self-publish.
People who know me know that when it comes to my appearance I've always been fairly conservative- non-outrageous -I like jeans t-shirts and shirts, I've never dyed my hair- once in secondary school (highschool) I tried to dye it blonde but it did almost nothing and I am eternally grateful, I couldn't have pulled off blonde -and the closest I've come to a crazy hair style was back in Uni when I let my hair grow down my back 'cos I couldn't afford to pay for a haircut.
So when I say that if I become a fully published author within a year of my first query I will dye my hair dark purple you understand how big a deal that is for me, and I will follow through with it. So if there are any publishers or literary agents out there looking to make me make a fool out of myself; sign me up.

- James

P.S. the blog can now be found at just 'cos... stuff.

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