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Tuesday 24 July 2012

Dissed by a puppet

I miss being a child.
Back in the days I could look at the Muppets and not feel a need to wonder which side they're going to take on any given political issue.
Don't get me wrong; as far as I'm concerned they chose the right side when they informed Chick-fil-a (which incidentally we don't have in England as far as I'm aware and so I have been incorrectly pronouncing it 'Chick-Fill-Uh') that they wouldn't be working with them again, but what if they don't next time?
I think I have too many happy childhood memories of the Muppets and Sesame Street to be able to cope with a Jim Henson company that doesn't do the right thing.
Fingers crossed I'll never have to find out.

To be honest, this only barely made it into my little world. I had far too much on- like discovering Charlie McDonnell and Alex Day on YouTube, yes I'm late to that little party -when the whole Chick-fil-a thing came about.
I saw it and knew it was happening, but until the Muppets got involved I figured that as far as Brits were concerned it would all just blow over in a couple of days, a little like the JC Penny controversy- plus it's hard to drag yourself away from a person reading through Twilight in 4-7 minute chunks and hating every minute of it or a music video with over 7 million views of a guy singing a hateful duet with himself.

I feel weird about this whole controversy.
Not because I have mixed feelings- as far as I'm concerned if two men or two women want to bind their lives together in a matrimonial union that would set my commitment issues aquiver, they have every right; I can't see how it affects me or anyone else for that matter -but because I seem to live in this strange little bubble of- tolerance seems like the wrong word -acceptance.
I've seen the kerfuffle (ker-fuf-fle noun: A commotion or fuss) on the news, on the internet and spoken about it with colonial friends, but I've never met someone who openly disapproves of gay marriage. I'm sure that these people exist- though it could all be a very elaborate exercise to see how long it takes me to figure out that the world is actually a utopia of peace and harmony, they just don't show people unless they use their critical thinking to mix it out -as I say; I've seen them on the news.
I'm also sure there are homophobes in England, but beyond the school kids who use gay as an insult because they don't really understand what they're talking about, I've not witnessed it.
Whether it's because I live in London, which has such a diverse population that it's hard to openly insult anyone for fear that the big guy sat next to you on the train- who looks like he's got the same bigoted beliefs as you -is actually a supporter of the subject of your ridicule- ‘cos seriously; look at him, he could kick your arse just by blinking -or because I just pick and choose my friends based on the fact that they're like me and therefore aren't inclined to oppress people they've never met; I don't know.
What I do know is that it seems like a no brainer to allow same sex marriage. Not just from a human rights perspective, think of the money we could inject into the economy by doubling the business of an already £10billion wedding industry.

Anyway, that's all I got.
Have a YouTube video
- James

P.S. Gotta say; every time I read this posts title - Dissed by a puppet -I can't help but imagining a gangsta rap Kermit. I don't know why.

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