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Saturday 28 July 2012

Should've been Tennant

Olympic fever hit the country last night as London hosted the opening ceremony in a wonderful celebration of brittish history- though there wasn't a single doctor who reference that I can remember- followed by the revealing and lighting of the olympic cauldron- which incidentally makes me think that witches started the olympic games.
It was a beautiful celebration of British history that... I... missed the first thirty minutes of. I walked in at the industrial revolution, and it actually looked really cool, especially the spark raining olympic rings.
The rest of it was nice and all, but I don't know, i wasn't that interested- then I spent the rest of the evening watching the atheletes arrive so that i could find out who was going to light the couldron. I still think it should have been David Tennant.
The funniest thing about this whole event is that i have nothing to say about it. Sure, I don't care about sports and I'm going to have to work during the Olympics so naturally I'm going to get annoyed by the journey traffic, and the fact that we're paying for this even while simultaneously not able to employ a massive chunk of people in the country.
It was a nice ceremony, if a little long, and I'm sure the sports are going to be entertaining for people who don't spend all their time playing computer games, writing and pretending to learn the guitar. Read; people not me.

I got my hair cut today! it was long, when wet and straight it went down to my shoulders, a little longer, not it doesn't even reach my neck. I like it, though it's very puffy at the mo, I'm going to have to train it out of that. That said; nobody seems to be able to tell the difference, except me.
Yeah that's all I have on that.

In writing news monday I will be sending out my first query letters so my purple pledge is in effect for the year as of Monday.
To help any other fantasy authors out there who want to try and get their book published; I will be sending my book to the following Fantasy friendly agents;
Anubis Literary Agency
Mic Cheetham Associates
Dorian Literary Agency
Furniss and Lawton
London Independant Books
Marjacq Scripts (e-mail friendly)
Sheil Land Associates Ltd
Caroline Sheldon (e-mail friendly)

Hopefully I'll hear back positively from one or more of these, but if not I'll hit you back with my next step (Literary agents who do not speccifically state a love of Fantasy but also don't specifically reject it out of hand)

- James

P.S. I wont be posting tomorrow. Hope you can live without me on Sundays.

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