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Wednesday 25 July 2012

Nerd Off? Oh now its Oooon!

So in late 2010 Charlie McDonnell- who I mentioned in my first real blog post, Dissed by a Puppet -was challenged to a 'Nerd Off' by YouTuber skassi20, which I thought was an absolutely brilliant idea and decided to do a video of my own to display my nerdy, geeky collection of nerdasmic geekisms.
However it wasn't until I pressed record for the third time that I remembered why I stopped doing YouTube videos; I suck at them. I'm awkward and unfunny. I speed through everything to get it over with and hate how I look on camera.
So I scrapped the idea... Until Now!
With this recent development of written word online blogging- that I'm absolutely certain must have been developed after video blogging because video tech is much simpler than letters -I decided to have another go, but in the form of a blog post.
I initially considered writing it all out as a CV, applying for the position of nerdy, but then I... just... didn't.
Plus a CV wouldn't have looked very good with pictures all over it, and how could you truly believe my nerdisms without pictures? (Pics or it didn't happen, right?)

So here we go...
First of all, I'm a fantasy author- unpublished -who wrote a really, really bad harry potter rip off when I was sixteen, which I believe is still available to buy in America (please don't).
There is no volume 2

My most recent writing excursion took me on a 1000 page adventure that I've had to cut into two 500 page novels.
50 chapters edited, 20 to go.

Like Charlie, I have an abundance of geeky t-shirts and tops.
Heroes, OnLive, 24, Ironman, Ironman, spiderman, COD; Black Ops, Kick Ass,, Least I could do, Video Games Live, Doctor Who, Spiderman, Assassins Creed, Iron Man, Super Man

I also own four geeky baseball caps, which is ridiculous because I never wear them; my head is too big to look good with hats.
Star Wars: the old republic, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Escapist magazine, Mass Effect 2

This is a Mass Effect N7 backpack I bought on impulse (and have not yet regretted, or used).

My book shelf is filled with a mixture of Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Comic Books and Manga, which (combined with the manga and books I've stored away) incidentally is worth a conservative estimate of £1500, you know... if people paid that much for that sort of thing.

I have a little sci-fi display above my computer with models from some of my favourite sci-fi mediums.
My room has anime style art all over one wall (plus two pieces I need to frame), a ‘thank you’ plaque from working on APB: All Points Bulletein on another and a large poster of one of the characters that I totally acquired legitimately on our last day when we were made redundant.

I own a 1/500 limited edition Tali'zorah vas normandy lithograph which I havent removed from the packaging yet.

I have a collection of Magic the gathering cards (which I rarely use but only because my MTG friends live nowhere near me)

I am in the process of writing a mature (not erotic) pokemon fan fiction and a dr who fan fiction. Neither of which are particularly good.
And possibly most nerdy thing about me (as you know if you read my first post); I QA 4 Foodz! Yes, yes, I play computer games for a living.

And that's that. I hope that I've proved my nerdy-geekyness to you, if you want to respond to this with your own list, feel free to comment me up.
Une vidéo sur youtube
- James


  1. heeeyy there, if I throw all my money in your general direction, could I possibly take that pesky mass effect backpack off your hands? :D

    1. Heh, sorry dude, that backpacks too awesome to give up. I use it now anyway :)
      I bought it on e-bay, might be worth checking on there.