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Tuesday 24 July 2012

My Minority Opinion

Welcome to Minority Opinions, a web log or 'blog' if you will, to allow me - James - to express my lack of sanity in a safe and comfortable environment. Of course when I first thought 'safe environment' my mind went instantly to the Internet. Clearly my understanding of the Internet is suspect, but hey; what's the worst that could happen?
I should point out that Minority Opinions doesn't refer to the opinions of random minorities I meet on the street- though that could be interesting. Nor does it mean anything bad, I mean; I'm not sat here secretly harbouring a deep hatred for immigrants or anything. I'm simply of the understanding that I'm weird and people don't think like I do, thus my opinion is generally in the minority. Thus, thus 'Minority Opinions' was born.
I suppose as this is the first post I should also tell a little about myself, including a bunch of things you'll be able to gleam from the about section on the right (or at the bottom if you’re on a phone).
My name is James, and I'm ok with having a name that is so common that it's ranked in the top 10 for popular baby names my entire life.
I was born in early 1987, giving me 25 years’ worth of complaining experience - from what I understand I was a pro from an early age.
I went to university to study computer games design and now spend my time as either a QA tester - which is NOT just playing games, before you say anything - an unpublished fantasy author in the process of editing the second book of my first duology or simply unemployed.
I'm an atheist - not a big deal, just wanted to put in a little context to some things I may say - but unless you asked me you probably wouldn't have found out, I keep my lack of beliefs to myself but don't lie about them.
Lastly; I'm English. A Brit. A limey, as you north americans say, so i expect you to be reading this all in an english accent. But seriously, other than giggling inssessently when you quote british people by saying 'Bugger' without finding out that what it means first we don't have too many differences. It shouldn't be too much of a problem.
Um... I think that's it. Hope you'll read further. :)
- James

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