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Tuesday 4 June 2013

Thirty-Six of Fifty-Two



Now I hadn't really been a huge Ironman fan ever, which is odd considering he kind of exemplifies what I hold dearest in super hero-ness (intelligence). But when I saw the first advert for this film (and found out RDJ was playing stark) I had to see it.

Ironman came out three years after Batman Begins which was easily the best super hero movie to its date. Batman was great. It was dark, edgy, it was a very interesting super movie that didn't suffer from the same issues that previous films did - issues including needing to have big fight scenes every 2 minutes to keep people attention, not really developping the characters - It was easily the best super film ever.
Until Ironman came along.
Don't get me wrong I still love Batman. that film was great (not least because it had Liam Neeson as Ra's Al Ghul) but Ironman brought humour to it. Ironman had a lead character that I didn't get sick of after ten minutes. He's a genious, billionnaire playboy philanthropist and loves it. He loves who he is he just also is a super hero.
Bruce has so much regret and hate and anger, it gets tiresome and depressing, then there's Tony. Fun, exciting and maybe has a little bit of a drinking problem. In high school Tony was the popular Jock and Bruce was the gothy Emo who pretended to like that nobody spoke to him except the school teachers.

However this isn't about Batman, it's abotu Ironman.
Ironman has a fast, stylish and exciting plot. The characters are fun and lively, the special effects and the music is amazing. It's funny, dramatic, and it really is exciting.

If you havent watched it you should. If you're reading my blog and you havent seen ironman theres something wrong with you.
The second ones not so good, but the first (and Avengers) is amazing.

- James

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