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Friday 21 June 2013

Minority-opinions news

In news today I have invited my friend Liz to start blogging with me. For the most part she'll be posting cool things about geeky stuff that I can't do - like going to comicon next month - but I've also invited her to come up with a segment and post about things I'm not particularly interested in that some people out there might be.

Take for instance her being a girl, I'm sure there are lots of girly things out there she likes like pretty barbie dolls and... and... makeup and stuff that I'm not going to be able to go into, but now, here at Minority-opinions, we have a girl on staff to talk silly things with you.

Silly girly things.

In the next few days the blog will likely get a re-design to be more general and less about me - though I will still be keeping everyone up to date with my writing and my of 52 - what do you mean I'm not remotely up to date with that and if I was I'd be in the 40s now if not 50s yet I'm still floundering on 30s. How dare you!

But I'm hopeful that my dear friend Elizabeth will be able to add a heap of information and life to this stagnant pile of geekiness.

Welcome Elizabeth, you're our only hope.

 - James

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