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Tuesday 18 June 2013

Thirty-Seven of Fifty-Two



Now portal was brilliant. Like nothing I'd ever played before, and yet it wasn't even it's own full game. it was a part of the Orange box which was a compilation of Valve games designed to make you forget that they took ages to bring out the latest Half-life with only half what they intended to give you.

What was great about Portal was that it was a first person puzzle game. It was the exact same controls as a first person shooter but there wasn't any killing. There were robots with guns but it wasn't about them so much as it was about getting around them.

It's not a long game, its quite short in point of fact, maybe a few hours, but that's fine, it was never intended to be a long game, it was short, it had some great puzzles- oh and the pitch black humour.
The best thing about it was the humour, GladOS, the machine tryingto kill you just spends the whole time insulting you and making fun of you. Theres even a point where she tells you you're adopted and that your parents don't love you. It's just hilarious to hear a super powerful AI being so petty.

It's an amazing, interesting, fun game from start to finish. just play it. Now. There's no reason not to. It's only £6.99 on steam.

- James

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