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Tuesday 2 April 2013

Atheistic Easter

So this weekend was easter, the christian celebration of the death and rebirth of Jesus. As with the last couple of commercially religious holidays we've had I'm going to explain what the holiday means to me as an atheist; nothing.

Ok, thats an understatement. It means chocolate (cadburies Cream Eggs FTW), a couple of days off work, and spots. Seriously. My face was pretty much free of spots on friday morning, 4 days, an easter egg and 3 chocolate bars later and i've got a couple of spots on my forehead. I am simply not amused.

The thing I dont get about east from a religious perspective is why it's so under celebrated. I mean everyone makes a big deal about christmas, so much so even people who don't believe make a big deal about it, and fair enough, it's the birth of their saviour, but surely Easter should get just as much attention.
Easter celebrates when Jesus sacrificed himself to save all of us. To rid us of the original sin and allow us the possibility of going to heaven. It doesn't mean anything to me, of course, telling me I have a chance of going to heaven is like telling an adult they have a chance of santa visiting this year.
But to christians surely this is a big thing, a huge thing. It's pretty much the basis of their whole faith. Sure if christmas hadn't happened then Easter couldn't have, but equally if easter hadn't happened nobody would have given a shit about Christmas.

It seems odd to me.

Of course it also seems odd to me that everyone would wear the torture device used to kill their savior as a monument to their faith, I mean seriously, you think that if guy fawkes came back from the dead he'd be happy to see bonfire night? no. Nor do I think Jesus would like to see a bunch of crosses everywhere, subtly threatening that they could do it to him again.

Anyway, those be my views on Easter. I'll eat an easter egg of get money for easter eggs, but thats the extent of it. it's not even like any of us particularly care what day it happens on.


- James

P.S. I learned to pick locks. I dont have any evidence, but it's hard to show proof, what'm I gonna do get a picture of a closed lock then an open one? No. But I did it. I'll be trying to learn gamesalad over the next month and I paid some money to charity for last fridays missed post.
P.P.S. I'm really sad I failed to post an April fool yesterday :( maybe next year.

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