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Monday 25 March 2013

The Problem

The problem with writing my blog posts at lunch on mondays is that I never remember to upload appropriate of 52 materials. I know I'm up to 34 (I am aren't I? I cant be bothered to check) but I dont remember what that is, nor do I have the files to make the title.
So instead I have to post about something else. The problem with THAT of course is I should be posting something observational, but I was too tired on the way to work to notice anything. Plus I was reading on the way to work, Fool's errand by Robin Hobb is much more interesting to me than what annoying train people are doing.

What is Robin Hobb's Fool's Errand? its the first book in the Tawny Man trilogy. no? nothing? well its about Tom Badgerlock AKA Fitzchivalry Farseer, bastard brother to the late king chivalry and his Wit partner, a wolf named Nighteyes. The first half of the book is about them enjoying their life of solitude, resting after a life of saving the world, only to be dragged back into it by their old friend, the Fool AKA Lord Golden.
They must hunt down the missing prince before his betrothed arrives and causes a war due to the insult of his absence. It's a very interesting tale so far but seeing as I havent finished it I see no reason I should blog about it.

This blog post, as often is the case when I work, is very much just because I said I would. I do recomend Fool's Errand. Robin Hobb is one of the fantasy greats, there are few others I'd paint with that brush, but Hobb is definately one of them.

I've put my writing on the back burner recently while I get used to work but I am coming close to finishing Book One of the Tales ofthe Hunter. I'm also considering changing the title from 'A Change in the Wind' to 'On the Hunt' and then making all the books I write about him have the word Hunt in it somehow (i.e. On the Hunt, The Unexpected Hunt, Becoming the Hunted, etc...).

One of my main problems at the moment is that I'm REALLY looking forward to writing Fragile Kingdom/Fragility of Friendship/Fragile Aliances, whatever I'm calling it. The story after The Longest Cycle. However I'm not halfway through TLC's last book. I'm coming up to half way and the rest of this part (pretty much) is just editing, no writing, but still, its a lot to do before i can start story 2.

In Exile news; I've got the front cover and 1 set of edit notes. most of my readers are yet to respond, but I'll chase them up later.

So... yeah, thats everything I can think of. Podcast wednesday is on the subject of TV shows, and for a brief moment my cleaning habits.

- James

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