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Monday 11 March 2013

Thirty-Two of Fifty-two

TV Shows

Doctor Who

So Doctor who is awesome. It's one of (if not the) longest running sci-fi having started in 1963 and still going strong today. It had a hiatus - a long one for sure - but there were books, comics, radio plays and films to fill in the gap.

At it's heart Doctor who is a story about exploration. A story about wonder. Really it's about children. About how every child in the world gets into the little box and it's something they didn't expect, be it a boat a car or a time travellign space ship. Every one of us, when we were kids and we were handed our first card board box by our parents, the seemingly impossibly old and impossibly smart people in our lives, it could take us practically anywhere, sometimes even places we didn't want to go.

Doctor who takes us to so many places that it's unbelievable - literally, you have to suspend your disbelief - and we love every minute of it.
One of the most interesting things about it is it's main character, the Doctor. It's been the same character for fifty years, but eleven different actors, all with their own uniqueness. It's not like Bond, where they say it's the same person and don't remark on their appearance changing, they make it a part of the story. when the doctor is too badly injured to go on he changes every cell in his body and comes back as a completely knew person, character and all. From the serious stuffy first doctor of William Hartnell and the clearly insane but often equally serious eleventh doctor played by Matt smith to the charming and 'just want to have fun' tenth doctor of David Tennant and the selflessly hopeful fifth doctor played by Peter Davidson, they were all so different.

Another thing that's great about the show is the companions. popping in and out throughout the Doctor's span are a myriad of companions to help him through his long life. He has time lords, humans and even tin dogs running around with him.
Some of them fall in love with him, some of them learn to hate him, and others are just his really good friends. and honestly the ones that are just his close friends are the best. I dont really remember everything from doctors one to eight but nine, ten and eleven are fresh in my mind, and of them the best two companions are Captain Jack Harkness and Donna Noble.

Go watch it and tell me I'm wrong.

Anyway, go watch it, it's great (Christopher Eccleson's doctor, the ninth, is a good starting point, its where the hiatus ended.) Plus, for all you American girls out there; English accents.

Two-David-Tennant-Doctors-and-ones-naked. More-fun-is-never-to-be-had.
- James

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