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Friday 22 March 2013

Kit Ironsmith

Since my blog post last week on Black Serenity Studios I've had a lot of... well, ok, no interest, but I am interested in it and I share my interests.
So here is Kit Ironsmith, the private investigator that is the main character of Black Serenity Studios' first game provisionally named; Kit Ironsmith P.I. (creative, no?)

Name - Kit Ironsmith
Age - Twenty-three
Occupation - Private Detective
Role - Protagonist
Motivations - Initially; Getting paid. Eventually; Solving the case and saving Anne.
Personality -
A mixture of silly, weird, brilliantly intelligent and foolish. He has a sense of courage, morals and is willing to go above and beyond to finish what was started, but he often gives the impression of a foppish young fool of a nobleman.
History -
Heir to a massive ironworks fortune, John spent his youth avoiding responsibility instead of living up to it. He got poor grades in school, barely got into college - only managing because his father bought them a new wing - barely passed and then resumed his life of irresponsibility.
He set up his detective agency initially out of bordom, but when his father dies of a heart attack and leaves everything to charity, bequeathing him nothing.
His fathers Will reading will be the prologue.


As with all things much here is likely to change, but for now; thats Kit Ironsmith, the foxy detective of <Insert apropriately animal pun named town here>.
- James

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