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Friday 5 April 2013

Kit Ironsmith Narrative done

So far I think the hardest part about the development of this game has been writing out the main narrative. it's the basis that everythign else stems from and everything requires it, from the assets needed to the quests that need to be designed; the narrative affects them all and getting a strong narrative from the start that makes sense has no holes and works with all elements is a difficult process.
I have now finished the first draft and the outline, so I've got to work working on a list of assets and the in detail mission points for each chapters.

We haven't yet figured out what program we're goign to be using, but at the moment it looks like either Gamesalad or Unity. Gamesalad looks like it'd be easier to use as it works with block behaviours like a program I got heavily into at uni called virtools which we used to make a third person 3D platform game.
However Unity would allow us to do a lot more. it'd be harder, I'd have to either bring a coder into our group or learn to code, but that would be really good for me, it would add to my experience, skills and portfolio.
I'm leaning towards unity if I can figure it out, it is free until you want to publish at least, I think it lets you publiish to PC for personal reasons for free, so i'll be able to use it as a portfolio piece without publishing, which would be nice.

Art is coming along and we'll hopefully have an office for kit ready soon. we've been looking at animated gifs and have kit blinking but I'm hoping by the time we're through we'll have something more adventurous, waving perhaps? I'm not sure. Regardless I'm hopeful.

In other news I plan to upload Exile, my sci-fi short story to Amazon to be reviewed and then published to kindle on the 19th of April. I'm getting some feedback from my friends and hope to be able to incorporate it all before then. I have a cover and I'm looking forward to my second self publishing attempt. it's a good feeling that this time it's actually a good story. My most critical friend even said 'It's well written' and sad that one part was very sad :)

Anyway, enjoy your weekend.

- james

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