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Monday 22 April 2013

First weekend

So my short has been online for 4 days now I think, three of them for free. today is the last day you can recieve Exile for free on Kindle.

At this point I've had three reviews, one on and two on .com. On my rating is 5 star and on .com its 4.5, both of which are pretty good and all the reviews have been quite positive. I even got a twitter message about it from one of the reviewers, which is nice.

As of this moment the downloads are as follows;
Paid, 2 in the US and 8 in the UK
US - 184
UK - 47
DE - 10
IT - 2
JP - 1
CA - 2
So overall that's 246 people who have Exile on their kindles. Really not bad considering its my first thing, I'm completely unknown and its such a un-recognised genre as Science fiction.

For a while over the weekend I was number 8 in the charts for free science fiction short stories. Thats good, right? top ten!

So yeah, fun times this weekend, hopefully the purchase rate will keep up into the time when it's pay to read.

That's all I got.

- James

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