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Wednesday 19 December 2012

Twenty of Fifty-Two



L is, simply put, awesome. He's the Sherlock holms of Anime. Autistic, brilliant and rich with a major sweet tooth, L - we never discover his real name - is a consulting detective who finds solving crimes fun, much to the distaste of the police he is working with.
For his entire career L has remained un-seen, communicating with people through audio chats and via his butler. Nobody has ever met him, until the case of Kira and the Death note when he approaches the Japanese police, realising that he must become more involved to find this killer.

In only a few hours L discovers more about Kira than the police had in the entire investigation. He and Kira spend the first half of the Anime and the Manga in a dangerous cat and mouse game. L makes a move and Kira counters it. L even goes as far as to invite Kira into the fold to watch him closer.
Eventually Kira, the main character does outwit L, but not before he discovers his identity.

The reason I like L is because he's not the normal anime good guy. He's weird, a little creepy, he has obsessions that go beyond sexual - in fact he's not remotely interested in sex as far as I could tell - He's brilliantly intelligent, forcing us to think on our feet as we try to keep up with him and Kira's incredible battle of wits and he doesn't care what people think. He's just in it for the mystery.
L is the opposite of Light Yagami and yet so similar to him in many ways. If it weren't for the death note the two of them would likely have become great friends.

L really is a great character and Deathnote is worth watching/reading if only for him.

- James

P.S. Just so we're clear, this isn't just the 'of 52' blog now. I'm just trying to catch up with what I missed. Usually I'd just do two a week or something to catch up, but I have a Christmas film scheduled for Christmas week and want to write it for Christmas week!

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