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Monday 24 December 2012

The End Of The World As We Know It

So we survived the Mayan prediction of needing to change our calendars!
The Mayan Apocalypse happened and we were none-the wiser. Maybe it was less and insta-kill and more the initiation of a D.O.T. effect (Damage Over Time). I guess we'll never know. Even if the world ends a year from now we'll have forgotten about the Mayan prophecy and moved on with our lives.

I wonder what it'll be next. I mean, this year we've seen two raptures and an apocalypse (seriously, our civilisation is of hardy stock to be able to survive an apocalypse AND two raptures).
But after that, what could possibly be next? World war three?  The rising of the old gods? cthulu? the zombie apocalypse?

I'm hoping for the Zombie Apocalypse, so long as its the slow shambling kind. As I already mentioned; I'm getting prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse, though my bow is at my friend's house 114 miles away so maybe wait for me to get my bow back before I have to defend myself against any zombies.

All joking aside; there was never going to be any apocalypse. not only did the Mayans never predict the world ending, but there's some speculation as to whether 21/12/2012 is the same for us who reset our dates based on the supposed birth of a christian Deity they wouldn't knwo about and for them. Although it's worth pointing out that if they were seeing into the future then it's possible they glimpsed a calendar.

The Mayan's didn't predict the end, tehy simply stopped predicting. I can think of a number of reasons they'd do that. They saw this time as so far in the future that they didn't need to calculate any further for a while. They were attacked and killed by the spanish. their early predictions didn't come true so they decided it wasn't accurate and scrapped the project.

Who knows why, but we can see, quite conclusively that it wasn't because there would be no world left on the 22/12/2012.

- James

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