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Wednesday 5 December 2012

Merry December

Welcome to December, the month of yule cheer and Christmas tidings. Knowing that I'm an atheist as many of you do, you'll probably be either confused by this statement or wary, but fear not for I mean it.
I'm not here trying to tear down your holiday. I'm not here trying to demand that Christmas trees be taken out of government sanctioned areas - though I understand the point of those people, I think they're wrong.
I love Christmas, so to all you readers I say this;
Merry Christmas One and All.

As an Atheist I don't celebrate Christmas for the same reasons that Christians do. I don't believe that it was the day that Christ was born, partially because based on the information given in the bible Jesus wasn't born in the winter, but mostly because I don't believe in Christ.
I subscribe to the sentiment of Christmas not the Christian meaning. Kindness, giving, good will to all. This is the Christmas I subscribe to. I have a Christmas tree, I give gifts, and I celebrate family and togetherness.
I don't say grace, go to mass or thank the son of god, who is also god for sacrificing himself to himself.

I believe that Christmas has evolved past its Christian origins just as it evolved past its pagan origins and its Egyptian origins.
I believe that Christmas is a holiday the world over that encompasses a feeling of happiness, a time within the darkest, harshest season of the year that everyone gets together to remind themselves of the good things in their lives. Be it family or friends, a job or a hobby, Americans have thanks giving to figure out what they're thankful for, but for me it's Christmas.

You know I have a routine for Christmas; it's the same routine that me and my family have had for the last 25 years? Probably slightly less.
We go to my aunts for Christmas eve as it’s my cousin’s birthday, then we rush home before midnight, watching for Santa out the car window the whole way. We go to bed and wake up the following morning, rush down to the living room where Santa’s left our stockings (yes we all have stockings, me my mom my dad and my sister. No none of us are under 20) We open up our stockings together, while photos are taken and then (after my dad’s made the mandatory joke about leaving our main gifts until after Christmas dinner and we shoot him down) someone makes coffee and we move onto our main gifts. After we've had our main gifts we all collaborate in making Christmas breakfast. We then go our separate ways, my mother (with occasional help from other family members) prepares a turkey dinner and we all play with our gifts. At two-ish we have Christmas dinner together before retiring to the living room to watch a DVD. Everyone but me falls asleep and I slink away to carry on playing.
At seven we watch Doctor who Christmas special and then go our separate ways until Boxing Day when we spend the whole day at my nans house getting more gifts and enjoying the company of others.

So that's my Christmas tradition, what's yours?

- James

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