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Monday 16 July 2018

Star Wars Episode 2: comments

Continuing from last week, I have more comments on films that I watched.
today is star wars Episode 2 attack of the clones:
1. Episode 2, the 5th film made.
2. "there is unrest in the galactic senate" oh so it is a senate now and not a congress.
3. what with Brexit going on I'm really starting to see this movie in a different light.
4. how does an organisation as massive as the Republic NOT have an army? the UN has soldiers right? or at least access to other countries soldiers.
5. the 'senator' has a stupid haircut; drink.
6. as cloudy as Coruscant is today that must be super dangerous flying through those massive buildings.
7. new information about senator amidala; she can fly a fighter ship.
8. why do they want to separate from the republic?
9. Yoda is being nice and Padme just ignores that.
10. "count dooku was once a jedi. he could never assassinate anyone. Its not in their nature" Ha ha ha ha
11. Jarjar is way better in this one. he is seen but not heard. Perfect.
12. why are padawans forced to wear their hair in rat tails? What purpose does it serve? what if there's someone who doesn't have hair? it's just the worst.
13. Ugh Jar Jar spoke.
14. still have no idea what half the things he says are.
15. Anakin lost all that smooth talking. he is now equal to my level of swag.
16. this is like going to dinner with a pair of married friends and they just start arguing.
17. Obi-wan really should have nipped the whole relationship thing in the butt early. he's clearly too emotional. maybe he shouldn't have been involved.
18. New information about Senator amidala; she is a coder.
19. this talk about senators is so relevant right now. "In my experience senators only focus on pleasing those who funded their campaigns." Obi Wan might be a cynic, but he's a knowledgeable one.
20. those are some smart and sneaky poisonous millipedes. stopping behind things when R2 is looking around...
21. Obi Wan chastises Ani for being reckless, but lets all remember he literally just jumped out of a 1000 story window.
22. How to people know where to drive in this city? the sky lanes (is that a thing?) are not clearly marked anywhere.
23. Oh look now obi wan is just falling. that wasn't reckless at all.
24. if the assassin stopped playing with that theremin in her speeder they might not have caught her.
25. those are some solid 2002 effects there.
26. I'm pretty sure that much voltage going through a person would kill them dead, regardless of midichlorians.
27. Anakin just jumped out of a speeder about 1000 stories up. what if she'd stopped for a snack?
28. why did she just give away that she's a changeling? it served no purpose except telling us.
29. it was nice of her to not shoot at Anakin for those 30 seconds when he wasn't paying attention and watching for his lightsaber.
30. Wait... I know that lightsaber survives all the way to episode 7 but I also know it gets destroyed in this movie...
31. You don't want to sell me death sticks.
32. Anakin is creepy.
33. How did Jango hear the exact moment she was gonna give him up?
34. See I don't really have a problem with Yoda's speech pattern but I do feel an obligation to mention it.
35. Anakin REALLY shouldn't have been put in charge of Padme's protection. he's too close. I believe he's ready for a mission but protecting the woman he has had a mad crush on his whole life? no.
36. When a padawans master tells the council that he doesn't think the padawan is ready they should listen. he is closest and knows best.
37. even Padme can't stand listening to JarJar.
38. typical arrogant student.
39. Oh my god I forgot just how whiny Darth Vader was.
40. Anakin's disguise is just his normal clothes with a poncho and a scarf.
41. What the hell is Jawa Juice? is it juice made of jawas? a juice jawas make?
42. beyond the outer rim means outside of the galaxy. Dex was prospecting in black space.
43. if we don't know about it it doesn't exist is a very fundamentalist radicalist way of thinking.
44. That line was not only cheesy but creepy. she must be thinking 'this is the worst jedi to come with me on this mission.'
45. "Lost a planet master obi wan has. How embarrassing, how embarrassing."
46. And Obi Wan complains that ani lost a lightsaber.
47. on the plus side these younglings aren't going to get killed by anakin, they're grown ups by then. On the down side they'll get killed by Clone troopers.
48. who Elects a queen? thats stupid, and who only lets them stay for 2 terms?
49. Queen is wearing a stupid haircut, drink.
50. "Anakin's not a jedi yet, he's just a padawan." I mean it's kinda rude just shoving that out there in front of the queen and everyone.
51. I liked what they did with the jedi fighters in this,they needed an add on to go to hyperspace. it was an interesting idea.
52. I love that the Kaminoans eyes seem to have galaxies in them.
53. of course a neck that long and thin simply couldn't hold up that head, but thats none of my business.
54. what if they didn't want to sit there? can they move the chairs to other places?
55. I wonder if anyone will ever explain who Master Ceiphodias is.
56. "I don't like sand" now I see why they hide Luke on his home world.
57. Anakin is the master of Keep asking and eventually you'll wear her down and she'll say yes technique.
58. having an entire army played by 1 actor must have either been super cheap or way more expensive!
59. she went from 'your just a kid to me' to making out super quick.
60. this is the most stereotypical falling in love rolling in the grass scene ever.
61. Jango is the least subtle spy ever.
62. Padme dressed up way too sexy and put on too much mood lighting to tell Ani that they couldnt be together.
63. I don't think anyone expects you to be rational Ani
64. Considering all the different climates Jedi go to they should probably have waterproofs.
65. why are all holograms blue?
66. He has pretty bad aim for a bounty hunter.
67. That is the one and only time you will see Force Technopathy.
68. That tracker was not small or subtle.
69. Seismic charges apparently sound like guitar chords when they shouldn't sound like anything.
70.I can't tell if 'this is why I hate flying' is supposed to be a joke or character development. I don't get it either way.
71. Jango is a terrible bounty hunter. Rule number 1. Confirm the kill.
72. until this point as far as anyone knew the separatists were obeying the law.
73. I bet these guys like blue milk.
74. WTH, is that red milk?
75. Does he have a force sensor to see if people are good or bad? if not how does he know they're good people?
76. Those sneaky jawas sold the sand people out. now I get why Luke believed it was sand people so easily.
77. she doesn't look too good. At least he can use force heal or something to save her. He has force heal right? what do you mean he only trained in force beat stuff up?
78. Well that's just rude. he comes all this way to see her and she just falls asleep on him?! Oh she died? still...
79. Fair enough. he's killing all the men. I'm sure he'll leave the women and children though.
80. how is it Yoda feels anakin's troubles but not Obiwan? obi wan's supposed to be like a brother to him!
81. they need to figure out some sort of facebook system where you send the message to a person and don't have to find the planet they're on first.
82. It is a good thing R2 stayed on the ship :)
83. Hey! There's the blue milk! I figured they'd be the type.
84. "You're not all powerful, ani." "Well I should be!" We all feel like that sometimes.
85. Padme looks like a frigging hippy.
86. Oh shoot i was wrong. He killed them. He killed them all. they're dead. Every single one of them. And not just the men. the women and the children too.
87. "I just killed men women and children" he says. "Oh you poor thing, let me massage your neck." She responds.
88. Who is buried next to Ani's mother?
89. why did Padme change into skin tight white for the funeral? that seems weird.
90. Anakin is just not good at following orders.
91. Jar Jar was so easily manipulated its not even funny.
92. Dooku doesn't even seem like he's trying to be sincere.
93. It's funny how Dooku is telling Obi Wan everything, but he doesn't believe him.
94. It can't be safe to get out in the middle of a cloud of actual steam. Water so hot it can't be water any more.
95.could you imagine if you joined the army and your job was to jam yourself into a frame with a bunch of others and pretend your a painting/wall for hours and hours just in case someone comes in that way?
96. I genuinely wonder what happened to R2's boosters that made it so he couldn't use them in episode 4. I also feel like in these films the rule of R2 is that he can do anything so long as he has a spare slot.
97. That's really impressive, 3-pos head still works fine without being attached to the body. I mean, where's the power source? did young ani think so far ahead and put a psu in the body and head and also a low level processor in the body to help it more around with the head? it's an odd design.
98. I cannot tell what on earth they're making in the part of the factory where Ani gets his arm stuck. I mean what tech requires you to slam a bunch of giant hatchetts into it?
99. really they shoulda just shot ani and padme and not given them a chance.
100. there is absolutely no obvious signs of love from Padme. her confession is just weird.
101. they've been back together after 10 years apart for 3 days, if that how can they be in love. that's just silly. or i'm a cynic. one of the two.
102. did they cut the tail off of that creature pulling the cart just because the tail was in the way of the cart?
103. "Then we decided to come and rescue you." Obi wan looks around at the chains they are all in. "Good job."
104. How is it that the execution beasts never just decide to fight each other?
105. "She seems to be on top of things." Nice pun Obi Wan... Obi Pun... heh.
106. that tiger took a lot of shirt off padme considering it didn't actually cut her all the way around.
107. The more I think about it the more Samuel L Jackson is a weird casting choice for a star wars jedi.
108. the 3-po stuff in the battle is SO out of place. Jokes like that don't seem right in a battle.
109. Jango really isn't having a lot of luck with his jet pack.
110. That is the first time they behead someone in a star wars film.
111. Why did c3PO say die jedi dogs? I mean the robot he's connected to must be where he's getting it from but that type of robot never says anything like that.
112. What IS R2 doing here?
113. All of the captured jedi were on the jedi council, lol. the regulars fought and survived. Biggest names in the Jedi? captured.
114. See a light sabres all well and good but you can't beat an army of clones with blasters. Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side.
115. How do 3PO and R2 get off the planet? they were left in the middle of the Colosseum.
116. Oooooh I see the death star plans in the background.
117. That does not seem healthy for a kid to be carrying his own dads (the person who he is a clone of) decapitated head.
118. now I see the death star plans in the foreground.
119. sandy planet like that, you want goggles Dooku, your gonna get crap in your eyes.
120. the best part of this movie is a game called Republic commando where you play a bunch of clone commandos and go behind the scenes, black ops style through a bunch of areas including the battle of geonosis. the last level is the lead in to the revenge of the sith.
121. they really shoulda destroyed that pilot droid that went onto the ship to stop him leaving.
122. Anakin's an idiot. Talk shit get Electrocuted into a corner.
123. why does Dooku give up on lightning as soon as he blocks it once?
124. How does Padme know its a hangar that they were going to? she didn't see it did she?
125. I would have guessed that light saber fights is a young man's game, but the old man's good.
126. adding an extra weapon to combat (like a lightsaber) when your not used to the dual wielding style is not beneficial it makes you very sloppy.
127. Anakin just sort of stops fighting there and lets Dooku cut his arm off.
128. I remember when Yoda dropped his cloak and stick and drew his lightsaber everyone in the cinema burst out laughing.
129. You know, if Dooku had a blaster he would have killed Yoda when he was struggling with the rocks that fell on him.
130. Is Obi Wan the only jedi who doesn't think he's better than his teacher?
131. There's a hell of a lot of wasted movement in Yoda's fighting style. not so much the spins because they build momentum but the jumps onto walls and then back down again...
132. Did anyone else notice that Yoda takes the time to put his lightsaber properly away before stopping the giant pillars from killing Ani and obi?
133. The clones have some serious firepower on their transport ship but they choose to just shoot dooku's ship with hand rifles?
134. It's a shame starships dont have some sort of registration or they coulda caught dooku's ship on return to coruscant.
135. I can't tell if we're supposed to know that sidious is Palpatine yet.
136. those friggin wipe transitions.
137. it's actually genius of Dooku to tell them about sidious, now they dont trust that information.
138. it's a very special kind of war that you know what its called the day it begins. "Begun the clone war has."
139. those cruisers look awfully like the star destroyers that the empire use later. I wonder if they're related.
140. ani and Padme get married in a small civil ceremony with only the droid that can keep a secret and the one that REALLY can't in attendance.

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