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Monday 13 August 2018

Star Wars Episode 3: comments

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1. I havent even started the film yet, but I have to point out that on the box art Padme seems to be doing some sort of weird predator cosplay.
2. Episode 3, the 6th movie made and 3rd in the chronological order.
3. "War!" huh, good god y'all, what is it good for?
4. "There are heroes on both sides." is that where trump got that from?
5. I feel like I've missed a ton of stuff between the last film and this one, like we start in a massive battle over coruscant. how did the seperatists get so close to the capital?
6. 2 jedi lead a mission to get him back, oooh I wonder who it'll be! Probably mace windu and Plo Koon.
7. thats a really odd missile. I mean they could easily not have hit the ship. even if they did it looks like they could very easily not get a grip on the ship.
8. having the shield generator right next to the shielf on the outside where anything could destroy it is abad idea.
9. "We spring the trap." Seriously Obiwan is reckless.
10. why does R2 need a hand held communicator. He's a droid surely he'll have one built in, no? I guess not. he has a taser, an oil eject system, the ability to override even enemy computers, and a light saber in his head, but no com.
11. if even one of the droids in the lift shot I reckon Ani and Obi would be dead.
12. the droids in star wars all seem to have way too much personality, like whats the point in building your combat droids with sass?
13. you shouldnt need to talk abotu your service droid like a kid that isnt very good at something 'he's trying' you serious?
14. that little flick of the hair by Obi shows his hair isnt great for combat.
15. the ease at which obi wan blocks the blasters and destroys the droids shows how far he's come since hte last movie.
16. "I shouldnt its not the jedi way" then don- oh you just did. Shame that conviction isnt as shaky with Sidious
17. And thats the second decapitation in this kid friendly movie series.
18. Palpatine is cold.
19. At least Ani's love for Obiwan is stronger than his idiocy around Palpatine. at least for now.
20. Did I miss something? well yeah, clearly. your hanging in an elevator shaft.

21. the way palpatine holds their legs to swing through the elevator door is just weird.
22. having the cockpit of the ship at the end of a corridor out of the ship seems really problematic. one solid hit and they've lost the command crew.
23. Grievous
is just a horder.
24. I'd like everyone to remember this bit where Obiwan cut off the guard droids heads and they just kept fighting.
25. all the battle droids just ignore the jedi like 'We cant fire its not in the script.

26. Palpatine should have been thrown out of the ship when the windows opened.
27. Grievous is not entirely robot. his eyes and several guts are still oarganic. the second he went out into the vacume of space he should have died.
28. i mean for only ha
vign half a ship that was a good landing.
29. Translation: "you better step down now." "Sir I am staying in power forever."
30. Is it weird that Padme wearing Leia's silliest haircut is still one of her most normal.

31. Padme I know you think your hiding your pregnancy but we can all tell. I mean not Ani, but everyone watching.
32. That is a very unsubtle droid command ship parked on Utapau.
33. one of the thigns I like least abotu the prequels is that it feels li
ke each one has a token bad guy of the week. maul then dooku then Grievous. in the original trilogy it was just Sidious and Vader.
34. his arm certainly looks better than in the last movie.
35. How has nobody noticed that Ani is living with Padme? I mean its not subtle they share a bed every night.

36. all the problems would have probably been solved by ani quitting the order.
37. yodas advice is basically 'dont worry about her dying'
38. even Ani mentions how unusual the chancellors acting.

39. Ani shouldnt be surprised when the council doesnt give him fulkl status, he's already commented on how they choose their own members and Palapatine is butting into an organisation he has no part in.
40. the entirety of the wookie war is because George didnt get to do that in the original films.

41. being on the counil and not being a master has never happened. beign on the council at your age has never happened before. Dude needs to chill. there have to be concessions, maybe if you show more humility and be more helpful they'll see your good for the job and promote you later. Boy needs to stop worrying so much.
42. "He has nothign to do with this." You're literally only on the council because he asked for you to be on the council.
43. You know if they'd given Ani the assignment to watch chancellor slightly differently he'd probably have no problem. 'I need you to help me prove the chancellor is innocent.' for example.
44. I wonder if they sent Yoda to the wookies solely for the size difference.
45. Ani is getting way too mad at his wife over politics. is this what its like to be in america right now?

46. what part of the jedi code is sppying on the chancellor breaking?
47. Its odd to me that the intelligence of where grievous is hiding gets to the jedi via the chancellor, the most powerful man in the galaxy.
48. palpatine is talking to ani like a v
ictim of sexual assault. Show me on this doll where they asked you to spy on me.
49. i think these movies would have been better if they didnt shouw any of hte sideous bits until its revealed in Revenge. have it so its a mystery who sidious is or even if he's real. Is there a sith? is it Palpatine? was he always evil or did his time as a politician turn him?
50. how is this sith talk not a major red flag?

51. random chewbacca.
52. the chancellor requesting Anakin going to take on grievous is 90% of the reason he doesnt get to go.
53. Kashyyk is a massively forested planet. they woulda had a much better chance fighting in the trees where they had an advantage over droids.

54. this scene where obiwan leaves is really nicely framed with anaki9n standing in shadow and obi wan standing in the light.
55. Poor Sithy anakin.

56. Guys, don't make promises you cant keep.
57. I do hope Obiwan wasnt trying to be inconspicuous because that loud really excitable mount isnt helping.
58. I love how obiwans plan is literally 'I know I'll drop down in the middle of all of the enemie
s on my own. So reckless.
59. remember where the guard droids didnt care if he cut off their heads? yeah how come it just killed that one?
60. this grievous fight reminds me of a game like dark souls where you have to get everything perfect or die. he starts with that one slow attack and moves up to quicker ones.

61. Grievous really needs to remember the force is a thing when he's fighting jedi.
62. that one clone is like 'wtf? its raining light sabres?'
63. surely the dark side surrounding the chancellor is all the proof that he is sith?

64. thats a point though; do they have any right to remove the chancellor? he may be a sith but he was rightfully elected and asked to stay on long after his term by the people. surely they need a mandate from the people to remove him and at this point the people want him. Unless they can prove he created the war to get into power he's not actually done anythign wrong.
65. You wish you knew why you aren't a master? maybe its because you keep going behind the councils back dont trust them dont agree wiht them and are siding with the chancellor over the order? also your too young?

66. of course your beign excluded. your not a proper councillor. you're literally only there because the chancellor pressured them to put you there. you get elected onto the council, not appointed by an outside body.
67. yes, there are sides of the for
ce they arent teachign you. the dark side. the side they dont teach anyone. your not special mate.
68. its funny listening to the chancellor talk about lies.
69. He finally figures it out! its all going to be fixed. Ani will turn him in and save the galaxy.
70. see all those guts and organic bits? they should have been destroyed when he went into space.

71. Blasters. So unsivilised, but dreadfully useful.
72. I am the senate is just the worst response.
73. those jedi masters went down like punks.

74. compared to other fights in the film series the one between palpatine and Mace is pretty weak.
75. the expressions Palpatine makes are just the funniest thing in any movie ever.

76. how is ani even remotely swayed by anything Palpatine says? Ani literally sent the Jedi after him. He's a traitor? you know that its not Mace who's a traitor.
77. You reckon Mace survived that? I reckon mace survived that.
78. Yeah Ani what HAVE yo
u done? you're such a tool.
79. I get why Ani joined after killing Mace, I mean he might aswell. he's gone this far. but I dont get how he was stupid enough to kill mace.
80. Ironically all Ani wanted was to save Padme, and in trying to do so he killed her.

81. its a really good thing Vader didnt keep his old name it would raise a ton of questions about that skywalker boy and that skywalker grave on lars farm.
82. I feel like Order 66 is something that should have a little more oversight than just one dud
e, even the chancellor.
83. interesting fun fact about the Expanded Universe; the twilek jedi that was killed on the jungle planet was in love with her clone commander and he was in love with her. I cant find any reference to that now though so I think it must be one of the things cancelled from the Canon.
84. Master skywalker, there are too many of them. What are we going to do?
85. I'm pretty sure killing curious senators isn't part of order 66.

86. that poor padawan kid...
87. Good thing Yoda had that tiny ship secretly hidden on the planet when he had no reason to or else he'd be stuck.
88. shame he didnt have a bigger ship, maybe saved Chewie from slavery.

89. I mean it is technically true, they did try to overthrow the chancellor... but not the republic.
90. It doesnt matter AT ALL if a jedi remains loyal to the chancellor, the clones were ordered to kill them all. that said asome do become inquisitors so who knows...

91. Every time I see the droids working on mustafa I think only one thing; That is HOT.
92. Sidious goes through apprentices like I go through pizza.
93. senator organas ship is just ignoring the skylanes. frigging politicians, you aint that important!

94. what if R2's circuits overheat? its pretty hot out there.
95. them mouse droids know to run.

96. Yoda, throwing your lightsabre in the middle of a fire fight might not be the wisest move.
97. they shoulda kept the younglings alive. think of the sith army.
98. seperatist droids have terrible aim, like storm troopers.

99. so this is how liberty dies? with thunderous applause.
100. why does Yoda try to stop Obiwan? he knows that he has to send Obiwan to kill Ani, why hide his deeds?

101. the seriousness when they talk about killing younglings is so funny.
102. Ani is just so quick to blame everyone.
103. Anakin really isnt reading the room right. Padme isnt the one you want to talk to about ruling the galaxy as husband and wife.

104. If obiwan added a single line to his statement he would probably have saved Padme. "Let her go anakin, I hid in the closet, she didnt know."
105. "You turned her against me!" "You have done that yourself!"

106. Obiwan checks on Padme by putting his hand on her cheek. not her veins.
107. Yodas getting old. last movie he caught the lightning pretty epically this movie just get hit.
108. Spinny spinny lightsabers and vicious almost high fives for everyone!

109. Palpatine reminds me of a college guy, just laughing as he bullies the other guy.
110. if only Yodas lightsaber was a little bigger he might have been able to just deflect all the lightning.

111. Is organa just driving around in circles under the senate waiting for Yoda?
112. How has Anakin forgotten that he's the one who sent the jedi after the chancellor? planning to overthrow the republic?
113. Oh no! Obiwan has the highground! I rememb
er this from the first film, the one with the high ground gets cut in half!
114. Oh nevermind.
115, he couldnt bear to kill anio, but leaving him on fire burned and alive in agony was fine. what a weird moral code.

116. you think Obiwan pictures this moment when he gives Luke the light sabre?
117. Obiwan, you have the force, put out the fire and pull him up a bit further from the lava.
118. how? How did they get padme on board? R2 cant lift things and if 3-PO tri
ed he'd topple over.
119. that is the face of a man who needs to sleep.
120. gotta say that is a good robot arm. he got set on fire by proximity but the wires never melted.

121. dont get too close palpatine you already look like crap, you dont wanna light on fire as well.
122. what kind of medical diagnosis is 'lost the will to live'? piss off can people just die from nothing.
123. the republics doctors that bring Ani back are not gentle.

124. Note for the future: Luke is the older twin.
125. they put that mask on super slowm, very dramatic these doctor droids.

126. I wonder if vader had a designer work on his suit.
127. Palpatine doesnt know of her death. what if she hadn't died? palpatine woulda been screwed if vader had met up with her again.
128. Lets hide the girl by putting her on in the spot light of t
he senate.
129. how many people do you think whispered about how white that hispanic senators daughter is?
130. Captain Antilles? wasn't he senator of Alderaan 2 movies ago?

131. why not wipe the astromech? its my understanding that they're supposed to be wiped every 5 years anyway, I bet R2s never had a proper wipe.
132. oh look a young grand moff tarkin and he's not cgi.
133. were owen and peru infertile? is that why they never have more kids?

134. is it me or is it a little weird that the loving couple who just got a new baby didn't let him have their name?

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