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Tuesday 1 July 2014

Wild FAQ Star

Don't worry, for those of you who don't care in the slightest about Wildstar, MMOs, Games or Sci-fi in general this isn't going to be turning into a wildstar blog - however if you don't like any of those things I'm not certain what your even doing here. Do you even Geek?

Since playing wildstar I've noticed that a few questions come up more than any other in the zone and advice chat systems so since I am still verymuch infected with the Wildstar bug I thought I'd write yet another post about it with these questions answered.

Question 1
"How do I change my costume?"
You've been playing for a little while, huh? found a sweet outfit that you think you want to keep wearing, but it's stats just don't do it for you anymore? Well that's fine because wildstar has costumes!
Unlike in the beta there is no longer a button or a menu to bring up anywhere in the game that allows the player to change their costume on a whim. There are now NPCs in all main hubs called Protostar Appearance Modification Vendors (or Stylists). These NPCs are protostar employees with a special symbol in the shape of an eight point star with a falling drop of ink in the middle above their heads.
Since launch the player can go to these friendly Protostar employees and change their costumes.
Last thing though: the player must be level six in order to use them and level fourteen to dye their clothes.

Question 2
"How do I get a mount?"
It can be tiring running around all day on the thing at the ends of your legs. With this advanced a society it seems quite ridiculous that anyone should even have to think about walking or running on the ends of their legs. Thankfully the exiles and the dominion both came up with a solution to that: Mounts! That's right, they came up with the same idea at the same time and implemented it simultaneously. See? there's more that unites than divides. but its still fun to blow up each others faces.
At level fifteen the player unlocks their riding skill, and if you've been scrimping and saving since you landed on nexus you should be able to afford one! Alas you will not be able to use your beta reward or your deluxe edition reward hover boards as they are locked until level twenty-five, but you will be able to go to the mount vendor in your capitol city and buy a mount for the low, low, low price of ten gold, sixty-seven silver and fifty-two bronze. You do get some really nice options that are different for Dominion and Exile, but at this point in the game it's unlikely that you'll be able to afford a mount, especially since you'll have just spent all your money on your house at level fourteen.

Question 3
"How do I get a house?"
Tired after a long day adventuring? after making Nexus a safer place for those around you? Then you probably want somewhere you can lay down. Somewhere you can relax. Somewhere you can hang your hat and all the other décor items you've looted off of big bad monsters!
At level fourteen your likely not quite leaving the first big area of gameplay yet, but that's the level you can first use housing. You get it from the main hub, either by ignoring the quest line that pops up when you first spawn in your faction hub, or by following it. I suggest following it as it gives you free décor items to use in your brand new Protostar house!
At fourteen you can use a taxi to travel to your faction hub and a quest com will come up from a protostar housing representative. It will lead you to where you get your housing plot and explain a little about the housing system and transforming your tent into a fully fledged house.

Question 4
"How do I form my guild?"
You've been playing with these guys for a login time, just playing together, working together, levelling up together, its almost as if your a little gang all of your own! Well why not make it official? Make a guild!
At Level twelve, with ten gold in your pocket head on over to your faction hub and go looking for your friendly neighbourhood guild registrar, ask a guard for directions. Its as simple as that. Go to a registrar, Put in your new guild name, create your insignia and your good to go.
Invite players either by going into the guild menu (social menu with O, then switch to guild tab) and press invite and insert their name or type /ginvite [playername]
And that's it, enjoy your guild.

Hope that helps!
Anything else you want to know leave it in the comments and I'll post another!

- James

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