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Thursday 10 July 2014


Literally 2 weeks today I get to go to america!
So I decided to give you all a look at my schedual! Sadly I didn't get tickets to Comic con, however I will still be visiting San Diego on the Sunday and enjoying the ambience!

So I set out on Thursday the 24th, my flight leaves Heathrow at 7 in the morning which will make for very early departure, I most likely wont even go to bed on Wednesday night so I can sleep on the plane. I will be getting to Chicago at 10:45 and leaving again at 12:45 for the final leg of my journey arriving in Salt Lake city - three months late for their comic con - to meet up with Elizabeth and her almost 6 month old son Sherlock!
Most likely we'll ride back to theirs, pick up her husband from work and grab dinner, then watch the Pioneer day fireworks... all while I try not to fall asleep on everyone!
When we wake up the next day, the twenty fifth, we will spend most of the day chilling out at Elizabeth's house while her husband is at work, playing games, watching movies and tv shows, the usual nerdisms. When he gets off work however it's the first leg of our journey down to Anaheim! We'll drive to a stop off in Saint George to rest for the night and eat and rest some more.
The 26th sees us driving the rest of the way through to Anaheim, passing through Vegas (but not stopping) possibly dropping by Calico ghost town before heading on down to our hotel in California; Hotel Pepper Tree.
Day 4, the 27th! Comicon Sunday. Sure I don't have a ticket but my friends do and I'm looking forward to looking around and enjoying everything going on around the outside of comic con!
28th and 29th will be devoted to all things Disneyland. We're gonna try and hit both Disneyland and California Adventure, but I'm a super wuss like wimp and I don't know how well I'll do on any of the rides. FYI I'm allergic to pineapple but I'm totally gonna pig out on dole whip in the tikki room.
Wednesday the 30th  is LA in the morning and Vegas in the afternoon and evening, topped off with a show at the Rio; Penn and Teller! You have no idea how excited I am for Penn and Teller, not to mention my suite at The Luxor. I got a deluxe tower suite. It has it's own freaking wet bar. a living room and a separate bedroom. I could easily spend the whole holiday in that room, but I wont, we'll be in Vegas on the 30th to the 1st when we'll be driving back up to Saint George. At some point in Vegas I'm planning to go to a club or two just to have a bit of fun, but I think that'll probably be on the second night. We might go see another show (Circe Du Soleil?) but no plans as yet.
On the 2nd we will be heading out for a nice long hike in Zions National park - by the way if you havent seen it google it, it looks incredible.
Followed on the 3rd by more hiking in Kanarraville Falls and Bryce Canyon on the 4th. All of which are amazing and I can't wait to get some amazing pictures.
Then back to Payson to hang out at Elizabeths for three days. We're planning to visit a bunch of things while we're chilling including a drive in cinema, a shooting range, some badass DnD sessionage.
Then I will spend the last day, friday the 8th crying a little because its going to totally suck coming home after spending two and a half weeks out there.

So as you can imagine; I'm super stoked. Super excited and I cannot wait. I realised today that there are fewer days until I go than I will be spending there. fourteen days left. Sixteen days there.


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