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Monday 2 September 2013

Too many games!

So this month is a bit of a high point for games this year, (at least for me) and it's hurting my wallet, a lot. Not to mention the fact that its my sisters birthday and I have to get her stuff but I also have to save for the company trip to Comicon next year, I have rent and stuff, and lets be honest; I don't get paid that much in the first place.
On top of all that this month I have three pre-orders and a game purchase. So lets take a look at them:

First purchase;
Saints Row IV
For a lot of people this is just a game to keep them going until Grand Theft Auto comes out, but I've been looking forward to this a lot more than I have GTA-V, and so far it doesn't fail to disappoint. As quirky and out of the gate hilarious as SR3, SR4 is as much a grand theft auto clone asBlue Harvest is a Star Wars clone. Yes its a similar setting and the same medium, but one is clearly different from the other.
A long time ago GTA was funny and quirky like Saints row is now - though not so ridiculous I admit - but now GTA is all about gritty realism, which is fine, don't get me wrong, the GTA games are still good, my point is more that Saints Row took the place that they once had, they are not trying to be them now.
Saints row basically opens up and asks 'what is the funniest, funnest things we can do here' and then ignores everyone who says that it doesn't sound realistic. It's fun, its energetic, and who doesn't like the idea of climbing a nuclear missile in flight (aimed at Washington) while Aerosmith blares?!

Rome II Total War
I'm not really sure why I pre-ordered this game, I've owned the last 3 of them but I've never really got heavily into them. I've never completed any of them, so why did I guy this one? I really don't know. I always enjoy them for a few days, but... maybe it'll tide me over until the next game turns up. While I really like Saints row, and that should be able to tide me over I like it as a multiplayer experience and the people I play with aren't always online.
This game is released tomorrow (3rd of September) and I expect it will be pretty intense. by all accounts its an awesome game, well worth playing, I'm just not sure it's going to hold my attention. (that said, I do like the roman empire)

Kingdom Hearts 1.5
I've been anticipating this for years. I have already played and completed this game once a long time ago on the PS2, btu it's seriously such a good game that when my copy was stolen 3 years ago I was devastated. I considered re-buying it several times, but I always figured 'they brought out the final fantasy games on the PSN store, surely Kingdom Hearts is RIGHT around the corner? But it wasn't, not until now. 3 Years later.
If I'm honest I could probably do without a day one purchase here, but I managed to get it limited edition for half price when they made a mistake on the store, so I can't complain too much. I'm really looking forward to this HD re-make/re-deploy, seriously; cannot wait!

Grand Theft Auto V
I really didn't care about GTA V for a long time. I only started caring, for the first time, about a week and a half ago. The multiplayer trailer came out, I had a look at It and I was blown away. I couldn't not buy it. I pre-ordered it pretty much then and there.
Up until then I really couldn't care less, everything I saw I didn't care, it all looked samey, but now, all that same stuff is exciting and I still have 15 days left until it arrives! (17th Sept). Ugh!

So that's me this month, £39.99 for Saints row, £29.99 for Rome 2, £24.19 for Kingdom Hearts and £34.99 for Grand Theft Auto V.
An expensive month.

- James

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