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Wednesday 11 September 2013

The Moon Landing

Not the one you were thinking.
On September the 14th in 1959 (ten years before Apollo eleven landed six men on the moon) the first man made object touched down on the surface of the moon.
Luna 2 was a Soviet spacecraft that was launched to the moon (aptly named, I think you will agree). It was (obviously) the second attempt in the Soviet Luna program, but the first in the series to land on the moon. Not only was it the first in the series, but it was the first man made object to ever land on the surface of the moon or any other celestial body.
On September 14th 1959 at 00:02:24 in Moscow Luna 2 touched down, about 800 kilometres from the centre of the moon's visible side. It took a direct path to the moon with a journey time of roughly 36 hours, taking off while the moon was at it's farthest point.
On impact the craft scattered soviet emblems and ribbons across the surface t omark it as a Russian achievement before, 30 minutes later, making it's own crater on the moon.

In the grand scheme of things this wasn't one of the human races biggest achievements. Since then we've built space stations, landed men on the moon, landed probes on other planets, built great big things, made ungodly technological advances, cured diseases...
But right back at the beginning of it was Luna 2. The first man made object to land on another world. Would the world be the same today if that had never happened?
If it had never spurred the Soviet Union on, would America have put men on the moon? would people have been inspired to create science fiction? would they have been inspired into creating science fact?

I don't know. Nobody can know for sure.

Regardless, I think it's a date worth celebrating.
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- James

P.S. Yes this entire post was a long promo for my short story being free, but all of it was true regardless. It's well worth celebrating.

P.P.S. I've seen a lot of other blogs do the following, so enjoy.

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