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Wednesday 24 July 2013

The Continuing Saga...

I know what you're saying, both of you 'Where's the podcast? we're here for the podcast! You forgot it again, didn't you?!' Oh if only my ineptitude were the problem, I'd be able to rush home after work, edit it and put it up, but alas we have none this week due to this past weekends visit to comicon and next weekends visit to a bunch of mountains.
Instead we will be posting up a full write up, with pictures and video of comicon some time this weekend. From the little bits and pieces I've heard and seen from our some time contributor, Liz/Rix It was awesome and well worth reading/looking at/watching so stay tuned to your computers for this weekend.

Today, however, we have more in the continuing saga of getting my published.
This week, having recently finished hunter as you all are aware and after starting to edit the book (and finishing editing the first 100 pages) I started sending it out to agencies. I figured that, while I did put a lot more into TLC people have gravitated more towards Hunter and its shorter, so it's less of an investment to a publishing house and an agent which hopefully means their more likely to take a chance on it.
So far this week I've sent it out to every agent in the Writers and artists yearbook that doesn't specifically prohibit fantasy, and is also willing to take E-mail submissions. I will eventually start sending out on post again, but I cant afford it at the moment, so I'm holding back until I can.
To be honest though, in this day and age I don't understand why any agents/publishers require hard copies. I suppose it cuts down on the people that aren't serious and it's nice to have a physical copy, but this is the 21st century, we use computers for everything, surely there are other ways to de-incentivise sending in crap?
Ugh, fine. But I can't afford to send it yet.

So far I've only got one rejection and that was from Diane Banks Literary. The other agencies I've applied to are as follows;

The Blair Partnership
Blake friedmann literary
CardenWright Literary Agency
Jonathan Clowes Ltd
Creative Authors Ltd
Toby Eady Associates Ltd
Fox Mason
Greene & Heaton Ltd
Rupert Heath Literary Agency
Johnson & Alcock Ltd
Eunice McMullen Ltd
Barbara Levy Literary Agency
Lutyens & Rubinstein
Madeleine Milburn Literary
The Standen Literary Agency
Wade and Doherty Literary Agency Ltd
Susan Yearwood Literary Agency

Fingers crossed I'll get a call back on one of them, if not I'll start the post stuff again.

I'll see you later guys!

- James

P.S. On a side note how self involved am I that I named this super genius detective after myself?

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