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Monday 8 July 2013

Boys and their toys

So I get an iPad mini today, I'm pretty excited, so I decided to let you in on a little secret; when I first heard about the iPad mini I did not like the idea, not one bit. My initial response was 'that's just another name for iPod touch and we have those. It seemed like a ridiculous, ludicrous idea.
Then I started working at a mobile games company with a couple of iPad minis and I knew then that I had to own one.
I almost bought one last month but decided to get a 3DS instead. this month, however, when my laptop died it was either get a 64GB iPad mini for £99 +£36/m with 8GB data allowance on 4G, or pay £400 + £100/m + £2000 in 11 months for a top of the line lap top.
I want the laptop eventually, but in the short term it's better for me to get the iPad.

So yeah... my iPad mini should arrive today and I wanted to talk about some accessories that I want or am buying as well as some of the more essential apps that I've bought for my iPad or already owned for my iPhone.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad Mini
A keyboard for the iPad is an essential piece of kit for me since I need to be able to use it for writing. I wasn't going to buy the iPad mini, but then I saw this piece of kit and everything changed. iPads work with any blue tooth keyboard, but carrying one of those around with you gets unmanageable. This keyboard is an ultra thin cover that doubles as a stand. It makes it much easier to do anything that has anything to do with writing and even movie stuff.
Pretty nice looking tech.

SAMRICK iPad mini Back Cover Tough Hydro Companion Smart Gel Protective Case
From everything I've read about the iPad mini the back scratches easily and often so this protective case seems like a good idea, especially since it is compatible with most if not all covers, like the keyboard above.

As a writer I need some way to do some writing and with only a moderately good 3G connection I need an offline writing application as well as an online one. Pages is an actually pretty remarkable application. Something not done by any of the major office providers, like Microsoft or Open. Pages isn't perfect. You can't download documents on your device and use them (as far as I know) you have to go via iTunes, and I'm not sure if it's any easier to get the documents off the device, but when you have a period of time when you'll only be using the ipad? seems like a great writing app.

Google Drive
For those of us who use google drive, this application is essential. Only useful when online, but when you are you can do anything you could do if you had the PC. It does give the option of making documents available offline, but they're read only when they're like that. Not very useful.

Gives remote access to your PC from your device, so long as the PC is on. It's been handy from time to time when I've forgot files and stuff.

Plants Vs. Zombies
I absolutely love Plants Vs. Zombies. U bought it on steam and then on iOS as soon as it came out. It's an awesome piece of gameplay, a simplistic tower defence game with style.

Knights of Pen and Paper
Basically just your standard JRPG, but interestingly it's from the point of view of a bunch of DnD players (and it is a game of DnD). Its actually really cool. Has lots of fun little geek references and is totally worth the £0.00 I paid for it when it was on app-a-day.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD
A surprisingly beautiful looking space fighter simulator. I was pretty blown away by how good it actually looks.

My Fitness Pal
Essentially just a calorie counter but I use it and it helps.

It pretty much just tracks your work outs but it can be very useful for keeping you on track.

Kindle and Audible
With these 2 apps you don't have to carry your Kindle with you everywhere if you don't want to. you can use all the same books and all the same audiobooks just at the click of a button.

Well that's all my most important apps and accessories. Feel free to comment and help me add to my list.

- James
p.s. for the record I'm not an apple nerd, I just really like the iPhone and when I went for a tablet I realised that if I didn't get an iOS device I'd have to buy everything all over again, however going with iOS I already have 200 apps right from the beginning.

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